Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi Honey, I'm Home

Just a quick note to let you know I'm not dead yet.

The computer is working again. Apparently the huge whack of dust on the fan was a bad thing, but after we fixed that it was still being stupid until we removed the CD burner and then it decided to cooperate.

It's still making a bit more noise than I'm comfortable with but I'm not alone any more!

Please note that my joy is partially caused by the fact that I've been snowed in for two days and couldn't get to work to check email or blogs or anything. I felt naked. And I also had to hang out with my family and do you KNOW how much attention a bored seven-year-old needs? Gah!

But I haven't been wasting my time away. I have been doing more weaving (and who couldn't be enchanted by an art that requires one to "bubble the weft", I ask you?) The kitchen towel is finished and the bunnnie saddle photo will be uploaded tomorrow. Much wool has also been dyed -- the supplier I was depending on for a constant stream of merino has gotten even flakier than usual so I've cancelled my last order and am shopping around a bit and should have it sorted shortly. In the meantime I've been dyeing a gorgeous Corriedale blend as well as some "luxury" sock yarn. I think the Corriedale will be close to what I've been charging for the merino (have to check the wholesale price first) but the luxury is going to be a little spendy (creeping close to $30 I think ... $27 at best) so I wouldn't look at it if I were you unless you just got a windfall and feel like spending it on mohair and silk and alpaca and stuff.

And now I'm going to go wring out some yarn and stomp on it (this is nothing if not a dainty process) and then get some sleep. Just figured that I'd pipe up in case y'all have already divided my stash amongst you and such.

ps i get buried with the baby camel/silk roving so you can stop drooling right now

Monday, January 28, 2008


Holy Bat, Crapman!

Oh, it's been quite a week. We laughed, we cried, we ate a pig (no, not like a pig -- i think we ate a whole pig this week. it's almost the only meat i like and apparently i like it a lot.)

Then there was more laughing and crying and I think I slept a lot, too -- at least on the weekend. It's all a little unclear.

Much of the laughing and the crying was caused by my computer. At first it appeared that all that was wrong was the fan and there was laughing. And typing, there was typing, too. And then the computer died again and there was crying because it's not going to be replaced any time soon and I have a store update and a bunch of pictures to post.

And then after the hysteria cleared I figured out I'm not doing all that poorly, really. Fer instance, today I got a huge box of yarn from Wen, who apparently thinks that destashing means sending me all her yarn. (note: if you are destashing silk, please feel free to continue labouring under this delusion.)

I also learned to weave this week (ok it's not as impressive as it sounds, it was on a lap loom and it was just one lump of blanket-like material, about the size of a placemat) and taught my daughter, as well. The laughter involved in that case came after I took the finished item off the loom and realized that even if I blocked the hell out of it, there's no way the edges were going to be straight. More laughter ensued when my daughter co-opted it for a saddle for her (large) stuffed rabbit and spent several hours bouncing up and down the hallway on it.

This lump of blanket-like material is one of the items of which there would be photos, if the computer was working ... thus leading to more of the crying and such.

One of the things that helped me put things in perspective was a post from Norma The Do-Gooding Trollop about This Project. These folks lost everything over two years ago and they're still waiting.

Me? I've lost a few conveniences and comforts (and i'll admit i'm not noble-minded enough not to still be bitter about the car and the dryer -- did you know air-dryed towels were crunchy? yeah. eww.) but I still get to live indoors with my family and my "stuff".

I'm doing ok, indeed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lower Than Reindeer Socks

So tonight I said to Mr. Assmuppet "Thanks for doing laundry. It's been getting bad around here -- I'm down to wearing the reindeer socks." His response was, "Oh, at least those cover your toes. I was lower than that."

We immediately decided that "Lower Than Reindeer Socks" had to be next Xmoose's release by 98 New Kids in the Sink or whatever the latest generic boyband is called.

Uh, they do still have boybands, yes? I'm not dating myself here? (if they don't then if you're under 40, just wander on to the rest of the post, will you? nothing here for you to see)

I, however, am not feeling lower than reindeer socks, as I've had a great response to the Spinners Sampler bags as well as to the roving. I hope to have sexy new colours all ready by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately the computer decided to make a noise like a vacuum cleaner this morning. Apparently, just like the vacuum, my computer sucks. Haha, yes, funny.

Anyhow, I can't switch it on until Mr. Assmuppet has had a chance to take it apart and poke about in its guts and see what's what. It's likely just a failed fan (the other possibility, which we are not allowing to cloud our minds, is that it's completely gone and borked itself and we'll have to replace it. it is not that. shut up.) and we have enough partial computers lying about the place to replace that. So, barring the disaster about which we shall not speak, I'll be back in my usual technicolour glory by Sunday. Until then it is stealthblogging from elsewhere, accompanied only by pictures I can steal from others.

I expect to be posting quizzes again by tomorrow. Or, you know, just cussing a lot. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't have the sudden urge to start stabbing people.

I mean more people.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What Moral Turpitude Looks Like

This is what the roving turned out to look like. I can't make the writing go where it's supposed to go because technology hates me today, but this'll have to do.

Apparently the black didn't set so we have blue/grey/lavender, and then red and then very black and purple. Works for me.
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch


Moral Turpitude

I've been dyeing like a maniac today, seeing my ennui is all (temporarily) gone, and we have Moral Turpitude in da howse. We also apparently have a thumb that is dyed magenta beyond all possible hope of recovery.

We have a new colourway for roving, thanks to the input of my friend The Knitting Linguist.

It's black as my heart at one end, purple as my prose at the other, and magenta with occasional accidental black sploots in the middle, and I love it to distraction. I think I've dyed about six or eight ounces today. Well, more likely six but I'm trying to be optimistic because later this week (seeing we're all about the commerce) I am going to be introducing in the store a new feature called the "Spinners Sampler".

One bag, with five one (likely one-and-a-bit) ounce samples of different rovings, so that folks who would like to try out different fibres but who don't feel like putting out $80 or $90 just to get the idea can have a chance to see whut's whut, as the lolcats would say. (Yes, I love them, so sue me).

The first four or five bags will be an ounce of combed top in Koala (a nice light brown with no variegation), an ounce of merino/tussah in "rose" (lot of browns, some pinkish), an ounce of corriedale in Moral Turpitude (hand dyed by me), an ounce of Perendale in a dark forest green and an ounce of prevention.

Um no, that last should have been an ounce of coopworth in Lovely Linguist (blues and greens, which can be seen here also dyed by me).

If anyone's interested in snagging a bag, as it were, before they go up for sale, drop me a line. Cost is $16.50 including shipping.

I'm also setting up a CafePress shop (this is all in the interest of getting me a car, as the $200 I was ready to pay before could get me a station wagon with a beautifully-running engine and a body full of mold, including a damp driver's seat and ice in the foot well -- so nice. And smelly.) I sort of almost have it set up but I spent half the morning trying to sell myself a coffee mug (apparently technology and I have an uncomfortable relationship) so that'll take a day or two.

And in case you think my entire purpose in life is to take your loot, I set up the CafePress shop at Tally's request because apparently she has an urgent need for a t-shirt.

Go blame her.

And now I'm going to stick the last of the Moral Turpitude in the microwave and then rinse it all out and head for bed, seeing Ben's job starts tomorrow so I get to be mommy at both ends of the day.

Pray to the FSM that I don't forget and just leave her there one day. I'm really the world's fourth worst mother.


Look Away! Look Away!

Nothing to see here. No extra breasticles, no chin wattles, no country-shaped bruises, no hideous knitting that should never have seen the light of day.

I'm still at work, all that comes later.

While you're waiting, Mousie is selling off a buncha fibery thangs from her personal collection. I'm not even going to rush over and scoop the good stuff before you can get there because she's only selling to the US right now.


Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey, Hey, It's That Day

Yes, dear readers, it is officially my natal day.

I am old. Please treat me with the respect that is my due.

I would have posted earlier today but I had a total meltdown this weekend and as a result was sort of busy for most of the day today, trying to catch up with all of the things I should have done yesterday.

The arrival of the Rabbitchly birthday isn't usually a time of great trauma for me because really, I don't give a fuck what I look like 90% of the time (you! you in the back! the one waving a beer and yelling 'and it shows!' ... shut up!) but this year I decided to get Ben to take a picture of me on Saturday so I could show y'all the wonderful neck warmer that Ann made for me. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that after 3.5 hours of sleep, on my first day off since Christmas I might look a little ragged around the edges but dudes -- I was old. Fat and jowly, too.

I mean serious cheek-jowly things going on. I looked like I had a baby's bum stuck on the side of my face or perhaps had grown a new set of very tired, very old breasts. On my face.

These things could have qualified for their own postal code; small nations could have sheltered thereunder.

Naturally I did what any right-thinking rabbit would do. I burst into tears and was completely useless for an hour.

Eventually Ben convinced me that in fact I didn't have something bizarre going on with my face but by that time I was trashed for the rest of the day. I was too awake to sleep and too asleep to do anything at all. The entire day was flushed.

note: those who have met me in person will attest that I am neither old nor jowly and most definitely do not have an extra set of worn-out breasticles growing offa my face. none of their assurances would have helped whatsoever during this long-overdue meltdown.

I was later treated to an excellent home-cooked dinner with dead cows and vegetables and wine and so forth and then we all sat around and watched Stardust (excellent movie, btw). And then I went to bed. And stayed there for almost 24 hours, missing my knitting group, standing up a friend, and basically being non-functional until 2:30 or so this morning.


I don't think we'll be doing that working around the clock thing any more.

I think I'll take another run at the birthday thing 'round about this time again next year. Maybe I'll get it right that time.

note: there will be pictures of the neck warmer and the matching hat and some other birthday loot later this week, but I'm posting from work so i can actually get this in before midnight and i don't have any of the pictures here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Love Sploots

New song by Nazareth, or the latest weird Google search to bring someone to this blog?


Friday, January 11, 2008


Trundling Right Along

Well, we have more good news and we have betterer news. Yes, it's a word. Shut up.

The good news is that I'm going to the Fibre Fest in Abbotsford in March after all. As a vendor.

This decision was already made before we found out ...

... the betterer news, which is that Mr. Assmuppet starts a new job next week, and it's a pretty sweet deal. The best part is that he hadn't even applied there -- they called and recruited him. That'll put a little starch in his socks.

The betterest news (yes, yet another word) is that because of said job, I may be able to cut back to part-time hours once again and become a Giant Fibre Maven (tm). So far we only have the "Giant" part covered, and that mostly just refers to my ass, but we're working on the rest.

(the bad news is that for all of this to work I have to buy a car, next week, with no money whatsoever. if you know of someone in Vancouver who is maybe insane or just has a lot of cars and is selling one that runs for oh, like $200 or something -- yes, i know, shut up -- then would you please let me know? hey, can't hurt to ask ...)

And now to answer the pressing questions of the day. Or perhaps the pressing question, singular, seeing I don't think there are any others I haven't answered. Or, if there are, y'all will just have to ask them again because apparently I'm a little absent-minded at the moment.

Claret. The Beauteous Sock Kit has been ordered in Claret. I like the drinking of the Pinot Noir (and also the Pinot Grigio, apparently -- nom nom nom) but for the knitting it was the Claret that grabbed my heart and squeezed until I w(h)ined.

And now, apparently, I have some knitting to do or Jen's going to hit me in the face with a sheep and then steal my wool.

Thursday, January 10, 2008



Wanna see what I got me for my birthday? (January 21 -- I thought I'd get it early so I could hide it and then be surprised. It's one of the advantages of early senility).

Lookie here.

Then go blame her.

Couldn't you just go "squee"? (that is, of course, if you weren't a big butch rabbit who wouldn't do something like go "squee".)

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Clearing Stuff Up

Oh! It's the new year thing already, isn't it?

Time to clear out the "FO" list from the sidebar.

In 2007 I finished:

  • 8 washcloths (for me)
  • child's hat (for Farm Witch) - turquoise
  • five dead rats (for me) - grey, beige and red
  • child's hat (for Farm Witch) - pink
  • 44 washcloths (for others)
  • 1 earwarmer (for babysitter)
  • 1 small cotton bag (for MissyMoo)
  • The Easter Sheep (for MissyMoo)
  • The Easter Bunnie (for MissyMoo)
  • 1 pr worsted socks (for me)
  • 1 pr striped wristers (for MissyMoo)
  • chemo cap (for Miss Lori's Mom)
  • Harlot Rib Scarf (for Ash)
  • Handspun Alpaca/Silk Wristers (for me)
  • Handspun Alpaca/Silk Headband (for me)
  • Emerald Green Scarf (for Grape the Bunny)
  • Emerald Green Hat (for Grape the Bunny)
  • Red Mittens for MissyMoo
  • Grey Mittens for Ben
  • 9 items for Dulaan

    For a total of 77 knitted items and five dead rats.

    The first washcloth (you knew I couldn't stop knitting those, didn't you?) is off the needles for the first finished item of 2008. My goal this year? 78 finished items, including some actual garment-type items rather than a frenzy of washcloths.

    Hahahaha! Yeah, right.

    Hold on tight -- the ride's about to start.


    I Am Happy

    Well, I'm actually tired and bitchy and at work and wondering who the hell signed me up to work the midnight to eight shift, followed by the four to midnight the same day.

    If we're going to be completely honest here, I did it myself, however in typical Rabbitchly manner I am frantically flailing about looking for someone else to blame. If you're feeling particularly guilty about something and would like to volunteer for being blamed for this as well, please let me know.

    You bastard.

    But apart from all of that (and believe me, I'll have forgotten all about it by the time the cheque comes in) I'm happy for a couple of reasons. One is that my readers are nuts and a couple have actually suggested donating to me via PayPal instead of to Phoebe, seeing she's all taken care of now.

    That's incredibly sweet. And also not necessary, but thank you. I'm an adult and I got here all by myself (even if not all of the mess I'm in is my fault), and I'll get back out the same way. Mr. Assmuppet has been informed that he's going out to get a job tomorrow, seeing certain commitments have not been met. He has not yet been informed that his paycheque, in its entirety, belongs to me, however he's pretty smart -- I'm quite sure he's made that assumption by now. And if not, oh well, everyone needs a good surprise from time to time. Keeps you regular, and such.

    Iffen y'all are really looking for another good cause to support, The World Famous Country Musician Known As Lala is doing something insane like walking from New York to Tibet with an egg balanced on the end of her nose to raise money for AIDS research (actually it's riding a bike from LA to San Francisco -- or vicey versey -- in June, which is just about as wacked in my opinion) and I'm pretty sure she still needs some help to reach her goal.

    Another reason I am happy is that I have discovered The World's Cutest Baby Sweater, which has been written by A Complete And Utter Loon of Whom I Approve.

    I especially approve of her extensive and enthusiastic vulgarity. I no longer feel so alone.

    And now, I am going to force myself to knit something I'm completely bored with, seeing I've joined The Terrible Jen's "Knit Up Your Old Shit Or Get Hit In The Face With A Pie" (I think that's the name, anyhow) group on Ravelry, and I'm damned if I'm getting hit in the face with a pie.

    I hate that even more than I hate knitting this thing I don't want to knit.

    Thursday, January 03, 2008


    In The Words of Tiny Tim ...

    "God Bless you, every one."

    OK, so I'm not so much about the god thing but anyone who's been reading along for a bit knows that I have my own (somewhat warped) views on spirituality and a possible deity and so on.

    I'm not going to get into that here, because it's 5:45pm, dinner's almost ready and I have to try to get out the door by 7:30 so I can hit the post office on the way to work. I did, however, want to say a giant thank you to everyone who donated to Phoebe's Fix-Up Fund -- and those words, from "A Christmas Carol", I do believe, seemed appropriate.

    I'm sure Mel will post an update shortly, however the fund is now over $5k. All of Phoebe's expenses, both from the first clinic and from the ortho surgery, should be well covered by this point and there's a good chance there will be some left to put into the emergency fund at his clinic for the next critter who gets mooshed and needs some help.

    So you can stops sending your loot -- go spend it on yarn!

    I can't begin to tell you how much this has warmed my black and slightly-shrivelled heart.

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008


    We Have Good News, and We Have Bad News

    The good news is that the fibre community has come through in spades. I don't have a figure, I haven't talked to Mel today, but the Phoebe Repair Fund is looking good!

    I've tried to respond to most of the emails I've been sent. There are still a few I have to get to tonight. However, if you haven't heard from me directly, please take this as a huge Thank You!, and all of your names are in the hat for prizely goodness.

    The bad news? Well, they've changed the schecdule at The Awful Work. They've changed it to a schedule I don't think I (or any of our current employees) can or will do.

    So ... either I work insanely inconvenient hours and can't pick up extra shifts at The Good Job, or I go to part time and stop paying my bills and declare bankruptcy.

    Either way, looks like my hopes and dreams of going to the FibreFest in Abbotsford in March are finished. Thank the FSM this at least happened before I paid for my booth.

    Cheer up, all is not yet lost. Although I'm not entirely certain of what has been (or can be) salvaged, at least I've got rent for January covered, and there's plenty of bleach to drink if things get worse.


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