Sunday, January 06, 2008


I Am Happy

Well, I'm actually tired and bitchy and at work and wondering who the hell signed me up to work the midnight to eight shift, followed by the four to midnight the same day.

If we're going to be completely honest here, I did it myself, however in typical Rabbitchly manner I am frantically flailing about looking for someone else to blame. If you're feeling particularly guilty about something and would like to volunteer for being blamed for this as well, please let me know.

You bastard.

But apart from all of that (and believe me, I'll have forgotten all about it by the time the cheque comes in) I'm happy for a couple of reasons. One is that my readers are nuts and a couple have actually suggested donating to me via PayPal instead of to Phoebe, seeing she's all taken care of now.

That's incredibly sweet. And also not necessary, but thank you. I'm an adult and I got here all by myself (even if not all of the mess I'm in is my fault), and I'll get back out the same way. Mr. Assmuppet has been informed that he's going out to get a job tomorrow, seeing certain commitments have not been met. He has not yet been informed that his paycheque, in its entirety, belongs to me, however he's pretty smart -- I'm quite sure he's made that assumption by now. And if not, oh well, everyone needs a good surprise from time to time. Keeps you regular, and such.

Iffen y'all are really looking for another good cause to support, The World Famous Country Musician Known As Lala is doing something insane like walking from New York to Tibet with an egg balanced on the end of her nose to raise money for AIDS research (actually it's riding a bike from LA to San Francisco -- or vicey versey -- in June, which is just about as wacked in my opinion) and I'm pretty sure she still needs some help to reach her goal.

Another reason I am happy is that I have discovered The World's Cutest Baby Sweater, which has been written by A Complete And Utter Loon of Whom I Approve.

I especially approve of her extensive and enthusiastic vulgarity. I no longer feel so alone.

And now, I am going to force myself to knit something I'm completely bored with, seeing I've joined The Terrible Jen's "Knit Up Your Old Shit Or Get Hit In The Face With A Pie" (I think that's the name, anyhow) group on Ravelry, and I'm damned if I'm getting hit in the face with a pie.

I hate that even more than I hate knitting this thing I don't want to knit.

Heh. I probably ought to join that group too. Might be the only thing that gets me to finish the Colinette Point 5 jacket that's been sitting in my workbox forever.

Why don't we just bin these things? Whilst drinking. Look on it as a random drinking accident...
When in doubt, join a knitting group. Although right about now a pie in the face sounds pretty good. I like pie. And I'm pretty sure that the calories don't count if it was used as a weapon...
"Knit Up Your Old Shit Or Get Hit In The Face With A Pie"

(leaks squeaky giggles)
I think I'll take the pie, especially if it's cherry.
OK OK I won't ever sign you up for shifts like that again!!!!
I am sorry, I just thought you might enjoy it!
Feeling alone because of your potty mouth? FUCK THAT SHIT. You're definitely not alone, friend.
Apparently you are not one of those disapproving kind of rabbits? Who knew?
That baby sweater is so cute I might have to have another baby to wear it. Must.locate.grasp.on.reality.
See, I can't join a group like that or I'd never finish anything, just so that I could get some pie (smooshed pie that's been thrown at my face is still, in the end, pie). Damn. But yay for the getting of jobs.
I joined that group. FSM knows, I have tons of old stuff to move out. Even after a major purge last year, I've still got boxes and boxes of stuff. I don't remember pie being mentioned, but that will work for me!
Wait. There's a Ravelry group with cuss words in the title and I haven't joined yet?

Well...I would say something vulgar, but it's sort of a public forum here and I'm afraid that people might think I'm much weirder than I actually am.

And PS - I will be in your neck of the woods for a roller derby thing sometime in the next few months, so batten down the hatches and come out for tea with me or something.

Or I can come visit your house and you can sleep on the couch while I riffle through your stash.
Wait, you haven't heard the best part. You actually get hit in the face with one of my larger sheep, who is named Pie. Mmm. Crusty.

In doing some review, I'm choosing some shit I don't want for my easy-outs. I'll say "ha ha!! I'm throwing this shit out! Take that!" and you'll all be really jealous that your stash doesn't contain yarn so bad it can be thrown out just to get you out of admitting failure.
That is the cutest baby sweater evah! I wish I had someone to knit it for. I think that round is pretty much done with my friends. I guess I'll have to wait for their grandkids, or find younger friends.

I was so happy to read the title of this post. So very happy!

charlizeen on yahoooooo
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