Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi Honey, I'm Home

Just a quick note to let you know I'm not dead yet.

The computer is working again. Apparently the huge whack of dust on the fan was a bad thing, but after we fixed that it was still being stupid until we removed the CD burner and then it decided to cooperate.

It's still making a bit more noise than I'm comfortable with but I'm not alone any more!

Please note that my joy is partially caused by the fact that I've been snowed in for two days and couldn't get to work to check email or blogs or anything. I felt naked. And I also had to hang out with my family and do you KNOW how much attention a bored seven-year-old needs? Gah!

But I haven't been wasting my time away. I have been doing more weaving (and who couldn't be enchanted by an art that requires one to "bubble the weft", I ask you?) The kitchen towel is finished and the bunnnie saddle photo will be uploaded tomorrow. Much wool has also been dyed -- the supplier I was depending on for a constant stream of merino has gotten even flakier than usual so I've cancelled my last order and am shopping around a bit and should have it sorted shortly. In the meantime I've been dyeing a gorgeous Corriedale blend as well as some "luxury" sock yarn. I think the Corriedale will be close to what I've been charging for the merino (have to check the wholesale price first) but the luxury is going to be a little spendy (creeping close to $30 I think ... $27 at best) so I wouldn't look at it if I were you unless you just got a windfall and feel like spending it on mohair and silk and alpaca and stuff.

And now I'm going to go wring out some yarn and stomp on it (this is nothing if not a dainty process) and then get some sleep. Just figured that I'd pipe up in case y'all have already divided my stash amongst you and such.

ps i get buried with the baby camel/silk roving so you can stop drooling right now

I'm glad you're not dead! you have baby camel/silk???
I was about to send a search party . You Make My Day.
Oi! Our school was closed Tuesday and it was 44 degrees F and raining! Why why why! (Wednesday I could understand -- my husband couldn't plow the road well enough with his Honda to get to work.)

Quick, back up the lot. Hate it when I lose everything.

And I was so tempted to say, "You'll be stone dead in a minute," and slip the man a little gratuity to help me out . . .
I thought you were leaving the camel/silk to me.
I won't fight over over the camel silk, but I would like a well bubbled weft. If there's any weft that is. ~snort~ I'm 12
And here I had all these plans for that roving. Ah, well! (Loving Alwen's reference to Monty Python -- "I'm not dead yet!") Glad to hear you're still among the living, albeit the living with cabin fever. Welcome back to blogland! And I can't wait to see what you've done with dye...
Glad we can call off the search party for our dainty dyer... But I don't want to relinquish the camel/silk. dammit.
Heyyyyyy! It's so good to have a non-dead computer. Honestly what did we do before them? Hm?
Welcome back!

Your yarns sound fab!
You've gotta catch me first... and you'll be dead.

And I can SO take Mel.
What is all this talk of "dividing" the stash? I thought we had a deal: Alice for all the rest?

Back, back, all of you, I say!

And my verification word is "koogri"--clearly a reference to the Koigu (just misspelled)!
Ahh, you Make My Day too - go see my blog to understand why! Oh and if you want to claim the Nice Matters award, you can too - but only if you promise to award it onwards to the least likely people you think would warrant such an award!

Else, the whole thing is one puss filled bag of saccherine sweetness.

Don'cha' think?!
Beating the weft is fun, too. Don't you just love all the gratuitous violence in so-called gentle fiber crafts? Hah! Beat the weft, wring and stomp and whap the yarn, warp the loom, sley the warp (if you're talking around people who dunno sley from slay)... We're a bunch of sadists. Ain't it cool?

Glad to hear the puter is cooperating, at least somewhat. But snowbound with a bored seven-year-old? Ohmigawd. I hope you had plenty of wine. Or bleach. Although remember, knitting is child labor, maybe you can get her started on earning some money. Or if you have a smaller loom, maybe she could do that easier. You never know!

(And I'm not listening about the baby camel/silk roving. Lalalalalalala...)
("garxfxuu"? Blogger's gettin' obscene again, woohoo!)
There is no friggin way we're wasting that roving on your burial raiment. Start weaving some fine linen - I think it takes 40 yards for decent mummification.
Missed you.

However, be aware that I, like many others here apparently, have absolutely no compunction about robbing graves. It does, of course, matter what colourway that baby came/silk might be. Dear Marcy gifted me with a bag last spring when I was in MA and I couldn't stop spinning it 'til it was all done, so I do understand the obsession, however I've decided not to fight unless the colour suits me. So please do post a picture (or better yet, send a sample) so that we can properly establish who is going to participate in the competition over your dead body.

Thank you in advance, sincerely, yadda yadda yadda...
lol...just when I was planning a trip to Canada :)

Sorry to hear about the flaky supplier. Sounds like you're going to have better stuff anyway though!
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