Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Moral Turpitude

I've been dyeing like a maniac today, seeing my ennui is all (temporarily) gone, and we have Moral Turpitude in da howse. We also apparently have a thumb that is dyed magenta beyond all possible hope of recovery.

We have a new colourway for roving, thanks to the input of my friend The Knitting Linguist.

It's black as my heart at one end, purple as my prose at the other, and magenta with occasional accidental black sploots in the middle, and I love it to distraction. I think I've dyed about six or eight ounces today. Well, more likely six but I'm trying to be optimistic because later this week (seeing we're all about the commerce) I am going to be introducing in the store a new feature called the "Spinners Sampler".

One bag, with five one (likely one-and-a-bit) ounce samples of different rovings, so that folks who would like to try out different fibres but who don't feel like putting out $80 or $90 just to get the idea can have a chance to see whut's whut, as the lolcats would say. (Yes, I love them, so sue me).

The first four or five bags will be an ounce of combed top in Koala (a nice light brown with no variegation), an ounce of merino/tussah in "rose" (lot of browns, some pinkish), an ounce of corriedale in Moral Turpitude (hand dyed by me), an ounce of Perendale in a dark forest green and an ounce of prevention.

Um no, that last should have been an ounce of coopworth in Lovely Linguist (blues and greens, which can be seen here also dyed by me).

If anyone's interested in snagging a bag, as it were, before they go up for sale, drop me a line. Cost is $16.50 including shipping.

I'm also setting up a CafePress shop (this is all in the interest of getting me a car, as the $200 I was ready to pay before could get me a station wagon with a beautifully-running engine and a body full of mold, including a damp driver's seat and ice in the foot well -- so nice. And smelly.) I sort of almost have it set up but I spent half the morning trying to sell myself a coffee mug (apparently technology and I have an uncomfortable relationship) so that'll take a day or two.

And in case you think my entire purpose in life is to take your loot, I set up the CafePress shop at Tally's request because apparently she has an urgent need for a t-shirt.

Go blame her.

And now I'm going to stick the last of the Moral Turpitude in the microwave and then rinse it all out and head for bed, seeing Ben's job starts tomorrow so I get to be mommy at both ends of the day.

Pray to the FSM that I don't forget and just leave her there one day. I'm really the world's fourth worst mother.

And the pictures of this intriguing new colorway Are WHERE exactly...?

Don't bother reminding me that I don't spin... yet. That I've heroically resisted learning... so far.

I was having a really crappy day and then I read your last three posts. My day is now less crappy. Happy belated hatching day.
I for one, look forward to your Etsy grand opening. I myself have a better paying job lined up and I know just where the bucks are gonna go. I stopped winning the best mother award...well, never. At least we're in good company cause they're knitters in the group.
heh...I got a shitload of visits, but no comments. Link the cafe press thing already. I wanna buy a shirt. Seriously. Or a hoodie! Do they have those? I would totally buy a hoodie. I swear on my KnitPicks. (that's like you swearing on your Addi's).

and Etsy is a good idea, too.
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