Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Love Sploots

New song by Nazareth, or the latest weird Google search to bring someone to this blog?


Umm I hope it is some strange Google fu - that would be a strange new song indeed....
I look forward to a full investigation.
No discussion needed! I played it this morning when my neophyte teenager wouldn't get out of bed. He hated it, which made the older one happy. See what a service you've done to the world? - Cleta
I watched the video for a minute and it was extremely painful - was there really a time when those clothes and that hair was ..fashion?

"Love Sploots" is (probably) the name of the hairstyle.

As for the Google search: I find that more plausible. The two words wouldn't necessarily have been together as a phrase. Surely we would have noticed?
In academic circles, the creature that has been noted for this phenomenon usually ranges between 15 and 29 years of age, sprouts facial hair of a dubious kind, has a particular attraction toward the female of the species with leviathan mammary glands, and speaks with in a guttural language further dehanced by the infusion of alcohol. Terms such as sploot have been heard when researchers have made recordings of these creatures.

But the song rocks when you've broken up with someone.
I wanna know how you do these reverse searches on yourself!
I think it needs a voice coach. Ow.
I read the post three times before I stopped thinking, "Nazareth has a new song? REALLY?"
I Googled "sploots" and sure enough, your blog is first on the list! Apparently "sploots" is at least a surname and a verb. All results follow:

Rabbitch: Love Sploots
Love Sploots. New song by Nazareth,

Rabbitch: If I'm Lye-ing
After it is warm, trickle little sploots of colour all over it.

Sploots Family History Facts 1920
Sploots Family History and Genealogy Facts. Search Immigration, Birth, Marriage, Death, Military and Census Records.

Sploots.com. Coming Soon! This site is under construction.

MySpace.com - I put the LEIA in leia.™ - 19 - Female - FLOSS ...
i love you sploots! Ur the best ever

City of Heroes Official Forums
Ever wonder why you see so few of these "overpowered" Sploots in the forest?

24 Sep, 2007, Home, Sploots, 3 : 5. 01 Oct, 2007, Away, Viva Las Arnold

All-Dynamic Brainsucking with Victim Testimonials: A How-To Guide
When called, index.cgi sucks in the specified template and sploots it out,

Tenshi Sketch by *Miiya on deviantART
Half the fun of doodling (to me) is the way you just start scratching out random lines and out sploots a completely unexpected and surprisingly nifty image.
In my head it's the Joan Jett version. Then it can be a medley with Cherry Bomb.

Love Sploots...
(Hello Daddy hello Mom!)
(Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!!!)
Love Sploots
Oooh, that brought back memories. After you watch the first video, click on the video for "This Flight Tonight"; the lead singer has a boner you can't help but notice in his tight white pants. Loraine
Love DOES sploot. Pffffft. I'm tellin' ya.
Early morning laffs. Love sploots for sure, some days.
I like the Joan Jett version better. Plus she's way hotter.

"Love Sploots" sounds like a Billy and the Boingers song.
Hey.... it's the 21st... Happy Happy Birthday!!! May it be filled with whatever the fuck you want to do!
Happy Birthday! Bakerina and I are drinking a glass of wine and knitting in your honor.
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful and warm day. (Many hours south of you, leaving for work, when it was below 0 C was less than pleasant.)

May you be surrounded by wool and love or love and wool..
happy burfday wishing you the bestest this year & always!
lurky mcgurky, san diego ca
Happy Birthday Mistress Bunny!
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