Thursday, September 27, 2007


Didja Miss Me?

I'm still here, just surprisingly quiet. Working, spinning, knitting, dyeing wool, and collecting the occasional soul.

I've been getting lots done and Ben's taken a sudden interest in things of a wooly persuasion (no, that doesn't mean he's dating a sheep) and there should be a store update shortly, now that the boy is helping me.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I've been hoarding. This is actually slightly greener, I shall take a better photo.

And yes, there is cashmere involved. Some baby alpaca and merino, too.

No, you may not eat it.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Collecting Souls

Yesterday or the day before, my lovely Jel discovered she had some sock yarn that she just didn't love so much.

She had tried to love it, but things just weren't working out. Being a woman of strong character and much intelligence, she didn't do what most of us would do and stick it back in the stash to marinate. She realized that the only thing for it was a clean break. And anyhow, it was commercial yarn, if she really really needed it again later, she could re-purchase it.

So she posted it on her blog and asked if anyone was interested.

Well being a yarn slut I piped up. She said she'd give it to me for nothing but hey, she's a student and I have more fibre than the average yarn store, so I insisted on a trade.

She asked if I had anything in warm colours -- yellows, reds, oranges. I had some superb sock yarn that I had dyed in mostly-solid orange with some minor variations for interest.

The deal was done.

She came by my work last night and dropped off the yarn, On Line superwash, nice stuff! And I gave her the skein of sock yarn.

Knowing that she was a new spinner and that the time to strike was when the iron was hot, I then said, "So how attached are you to your soul anyhow?" She looked at me and said "Not so much." So I handed her a bag of merino/tussah sliver in purples and blues.

She felt it and said "Oh this is just like baby hamsters it's so soft!" I told her that she could have it to spin, but it would mean that she'd traded her soul. She said she thought it was a pretty fair trade.

I didn't tell her that it was a lot easier to draft than a baby hamster. Those don't work out so well, all wet and sticky after the drafting. I'm hoping she never has to find out.

I do believe my work here is done.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sunday Night Update

Man, I'm getting so boring that I can't even think of post titles any more. All hail me, and such.

I've got 12 days left (plus the rest of tonight's shift -- so about 12 days plus 3.5 hours) of this 28-days-in-a-row dealie that I thought was such a good idea at the time.

Apparently it wasn't and my house is going to hell while the occupants spend most of their time whining. It was a great shock to find out that everyone's arms and legs had fallen off and that the only one able to do a single thing in the house was me. I'm not eating there, and I have clean clothes. You're on your own, dudes -- I care not one iota. Neither a jot nor a tittle, in fact.

Cold-hearted? Perhaps, but I don't actually care about that, either.

Something I do care about is the fact that Jennie is a bad, bad person, and introduced me to this pattern. This is exactly what I was looking for when I started The Camel-Coloured Reversible Cable From Hell, and again when I started The Irish Hiking Scarf That Hates Me.

Rippage occurred; life's too short to knit stuff that makes you blow chunks. I expect to have this done very quickly.

Two other exciting things: I'm on Ravelry now and have been for a while. I have almost nothing listed because I'm a total sloth, however if you would like to "friend" me, please do. My name there, startlingly enough, is Rabbitch.

Who would have suspected it?

The other exciting thing is yet another installment of The Parade of Warshcloths:

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These two babies came from someone in Ontario. Unfortunately there was an address but not a name on the envelope, so I don't know who sent them.

Thank you, anonymous knittingperson!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These three came from Gail.

I really appreciate it, thank you.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These are from Bonnie.

Dude, did you block them or iron them or something? I've never seen such tidy flat washcloths in my life.

Thank you!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

And from another member of the Overachievers 'R' Us club, fifteen washcloths from Ellanie!

That's all for today, folks. There are at least another five batches to blog about but I'm trying to draw out the suspense, and also make my pictures last over a few days, seeing someone says I don't post pictures very often *g*


The Joys of Pub(l)ic Speaking

Well, I'm certainly no Yarn Harlot, however it appears that I shall be making a small foray into the world of public speaking shortly.

And frankly I'm in a bit of a tizzy.

I've done a certain amount of public speaking before and really I'm not so good at it. I've only done it out of necessity on behalf of the charity I used to work for and most of my stuff consisted of "mumble mumble, thank you, mumble great contribution" and then I ran away.

Apparently, though, that won't do this time.

You see, my brother knits, a little bit. He joined a group, went a few times, knat part of a washcloth and some sort of obscene phallic barbie dress that he uses as a bookmark. He's been unable to go for a few months now, but a couple of weeks back he ran into the group's faciliator and they were talking a bit and he mentioned that he had this sister. This sister who dyes wool and also spins.

This sister who happens to be me.

The facilitator said "Oh! How neat, would she come and speak to us about it?" And so The Brother said he'd ask me and he did and as per usual I was drunk and said yes.

And so now as we work out the logistics of this, the dear facilitator man doesn't seem to understand that I spin like a weasel on crack, and that my forté is dyeing.

My spinning sucks ass. Badly.

And yet somehow I seem to have agreed to go and talk to this group about spinning.

Fortunately I'm also going to be talking to them about processing fibre, which I know a little bit about and have done a lot of, and will take several examples of unwashed "stuff" (some llama, some cheviot, some of Tink's fleece) and then some samples of cleaned fibre and then samples of what it looks like carded.

I'll also haul in one of my wheels and the drum carder and hand-cards and some samples of fibre from people who really know what they're doing and we'll all just go mental and spin stuff for a while and maybe even blend things on the drum.

And then I'll do a segment on dyeing and the pros and cons of natural dyeing, acid dyeing and overdyeing and send everyone home with a present.

The group is going to be max ten people. I think I can handle ten people, don't you?

I'm going to wear Depends, though, just in case.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Endless Excitement

Or maybe the other thing.

Truly, the most exciting thing that's happened in the last couple of days (apart from having my legs cut off with a light sabre) has been the fact that I got three loads of laundry done today. Oh, and we need three new lightbulbs in the dining room fixture and the llama is out of the freezer again. It'll go back in for the third and final freeze next Sunday, the 30th.

(the highlight last week was that we have a working furnace again -- it's all excitement, all the time, chez lapin.)

However there is some excitement out there. Ann's drive for Mittnz for the Res is almost over -- you have about another ten days, I think! I can't even knit and I knat an entire wrister last night. Bet you could churn out a pair or two if you put your mind to it.

And now to try to finish the Irish Hiking Scarf That Hates Me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Out of the Mouths ...

No, that doesn't read "Out of the Moths", although the llama is again residing happily in my freezer for its second freezing. It'll be out in a couple of days and I'll do one more thaw/freeze cycle just to make sure the little bastards are really gone. No point in risking the rest of the fibre in the house just for the sake of alacrity.

No, Out of the Mouths of Children and so on.

I worked like stink all weekend. Friday morning I staggered home from work, got the kidlet ready for school and sent her off. A friend picked her up after school on Friday afternoon so that I could get a little sleep, and she didn't come back home until after I'd left for work. Saturday morning at 6 I left Workplace #1 and headed directly to Workplace #2. After my second shift was over I was pretty much bagged. Her Majesty had gone out to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and I was out cold before she got home. I woke at something like 1am and thought "Hmm, I've had quite a lot of sleep. I really should ... " and then all of a sudden it was 6:15 and my alarm was going off.

I left the house for work again before Her Surreal Highness was awake (no bus service in my neck of the woods that early on a Sunday, so there was some early departure and also some walking involved). By the time I finally got home on Sunday, we hadn't seen each other for two and a half days and we were both feeling the lack.

She was watching TV and I crawled into bed beside her for some quality smooshing and talking time.

We had purchased a light sabre for her at the fair this summer (because who doesn't need a light sabre?) and she picked it up and started sawing at my leg. Fortunately it's sort of just a plastic tube so her efforts to remove my leg were spectacularly unsuccessful.

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Oh, just cutting off your leg.

Me: (laughing hysterically) Hey! You're supposed to be nice to me! I've been working for days and I'm tired.

Her: I am being nice to you.

Me: No you're not! You're cutting off my leg!

Her: It's a different kind of nice.

Perspective. It's all about perspective.

There are some trying days ahead (again). I have to figure out what I'm doing about work and endure meetings with The Forces of Darkness (may just take that light sabre with me), deal with some relationship, family and financial readjustments and sort out some personal business stuff too.

But maybe, every time it feels like someone's trying to chop my legs off, it would do me good to remember ... It's just a different kind of nice.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Washcloths. Again.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

I'm doing the 18-hour work thingie today and I'm pretty close to bagged, so I'm jamming out on the posting and hoping that I can placate you with views of more pretty washcloths.

These are from Lisa. Thank you!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These are lovely silky little cloths from Marina in Oregon -- all lacy and such.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Barb in Victoria sent these two cloths plus a bunch of little shampoos which I'm sure will be gratefully received.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Although I've clearly come to terms with the camera, more or less, every now and again I have a brain fart.

Apparently this was one of those times. I have no idea what happened here.

These five cloths are from Jessica in Beverley Hills. They're lovely ... and I certainly hope you bought stock in whatever company manufactures the tape you used to seal the box! (There were knives and cussing involved in the opening of this box).

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These three washcloths are from Mrs. Quimby.

I had the honour of getting to watch her make most of one while watching her husband be a rock star.

She was knitting yellow yarn on yellow needles, while drinking beer and after drinking tequila.

She's my kinda gal.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

And here's the other 12 cloths from Ann.

Several have pretty designs, and one is even heart-shaped!

Thank you so much, again.

That brings the total of cloths that I've posted to 75. Yes, there are another 42 already photographed, plus whatever's in the envelope that I picked up at my PO box yesterday. At least I think it was yesterday ... time's running together a little bit right now.

But never fear! Hubby is on the way back here with some sort of lunch (California roll and some tempura, I do believe) and he's making dinner tonight. There may well be some of that pinot noir that I seem to like marinating my butt in, as well.

I promise I'll post if I end up with any country-shaped bruises anywhere on me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


No Rest For The Wicked

The man walked into the room. The remains of the day's heat hung in the air. The silence was broken only by the small sounds of the woman working in the corner.

The woman looked up from the fleece she was slowly turning into yarn.

"I'm home. Did you rest today?"

"No, it's been busy."

The man frowned.

"We get paid tomorrow," she said. "I'm going to need to buy a few things."

"Such as?"

"A call display box for the phone. A reverse phone directory. Some street maps. A rifle with a scope."

The former Marine nodded slowly. She had finally come around to his way of thinking. They always did.

"This country is full of lily-livered peacemongers who wouldn't know a good semiautomatic weapon if it bit them on the butt," she said. "Which it will."

The man nodded, in full understanding.

"Who was it today?" he asked.

"First I won a vacation."

"Where to this time?"

"I don't remember. Somewhere in the mountains."

"What did you tell them?"

"That I could never go back there, not since the last time, when the shark ate my grandfather."

"The lakes in the mountains are fresh water. There are no sharks."

"That's what the woman on the phone said. I told her that she was heartless and that she wasn't the one sitting there with her grandfather eaten by a shark. She tried to get me to make a reservation anyhow but I wasn't buying it. You can never be too careful with sharks."

"Was she the only one?"

"No, about an hour later there was a man from one of the political parties asking if his candidate could count on my vote."


"I had to tell him that I really couldn't make up my mind until after the investigation was complete."


"Rape. Kittens. Christian kittens, even. Six of them."


"He didn't seem to think so. He was pretty disturbed by it. I'm surprised they don't give that sort of information to the people working for them. I asked him to call back if his candidate was acquitted, but I don't think he will."

"They must not really want your vote."

"Apparently not. And then there was another call, about 45 minutes later, from a woman with an amazing limited-time offer to clean our carpets for half-price."

"That could come in handy."

"I don't think they want our business any more. She got nervous when I asked her how much extra they would charge to get out really big blood stains. I suppose the screaming and throwing things against the wall was overkill."

"No, I think that was just about right."

"Maybe you're right, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have asked her what she was wearing. Oh hell, look at the time, I have to get going."

"Remember you work a double tomorrow. You might want to unplug the phone in the morning. You could think of it as a public service."

"Yeah, ok. I won't have the time to shop tomorrow then, but I'm still getting the rifle on Tuesday."

The woman picked up her bag and left the house, ready to work the graveyard shift on only three hours of sleep, yet again.

Next week she was going to return some calls.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


More Warshcloths

Good grief, I'm even keeping my promise to post more of these. Will wonders never cease? Maybe I'll even get marginally organized one day.

Nah. Never happen.

One of the most enjoyable things about this is that I have been getting to "meet" new people and find blogs I haven't run across before. Thanks everyone for adding to the fun!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These two washcloths are from Marsha.

Lovely and lacy!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Next up we have nine cloths from Diane in New Hampshire.

Despite having 2 jobs and working a schedule just as demented as mine, she got all of these pretties done.

Clearly I'm a slacker and need to knit more ...

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Diane also sent me my very own washcloth with a sheep in the middle of it. Thank you so much!

This has been hidden in the bathroom that my husband and daughter don't use. No way is it going in the main one.

I'm not sharing.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These puppies come all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland.

They are Jane-Beth's first washcloths, but I do believe she's addicted.

Welcome to your new country, little washcloths, and thank you Jane-Beth!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These 12 cloths are the first instalment from my buddy Ann.

Yes, first instalment. Apparently she's a knitting machine -- there are another dozen here also.

Thank you, Ann!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These five cloths are from Julie.

They were left for me at Birkeland Brothers, so I don't have a last name or a city (I have it in my head that you're from Victoria, but I don't know why) or a blog ... but thank you anyhow!

They'll be very welcome in their new home.

And that's all of the cutting and pasting and copying and linking I can bear for one day. Really, I think my head is going to explode from it some time soon.

Check back tomorrow for more.

Monday, September 10, 2007



As of today's count, together we have made 117 washcloths for the Women's Information Safe House on Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

I'm putting these pictures up very quickly and will update linkage and so on either later tonight or tomorrow, but you've all been very patient and deserve to see what your efforts have amounted to!

I have two cloth shopping bags completely full of cloths right now, and will make arrangements to get them down to WISH within the next few days.

Keep 'em coming! There are other shelters who need these too, and I think WISH can likely use more as well.

Rabbitch Cloth
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here's the first washcloth, made by me. I have a couple more, somewhere in this disaster of a house, but as you can see, I'm the very smallest part of this project.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here are seven washcloths contributed by Dorothy.

Very fancy! Thanks, dude.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Seven cloths from Becky.

Thank you!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

2 washcloths from Adrielle in Vancouver.

I met Adrielle on the epic road trip to see Her Harlotness in Victoria earlier this year.

Thanks! I didn't even know you were reading this blog.

I have pictures of all of the others and they're on Flickr right now. I'll get them up here on the blog tomorrow, along with fixed-up linkage and all. I'm stealth-blogging from work right now and with the atmosphere around here ... well, let's just say I'd rather do this at home, hmm?

(First day back after a week's vacation, and within the first hour and a half, almost all of that good relaxin' feeling is gone. Things have got to change around here, that's all I can say.)

Edited to add: Linkage fixed, names sorted out, and so on. More pictures coming shortly if I remembered to bring the list of who did what to work.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Riding the Drama Llama

I know that you are all sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting to find out the result of the llama fleece and moth story, so I'll put you out of your misery.

(for those who are waiting for an update on the dishcloth story, i have received about a dozen packages and i'll list names and post pictures tomorrow -- you all rock!)

After finding The Moths in the fleece and running about and screaming a bit, I jammed the fleece into two more bags and threw it into the freezer. I then did a frantic and relatively thorough search of that side of the roving cupboard and found that moths seem to prefer llama to any other fibre. Most of my other stuff was tightly sealed, but I nonetheless had to do a second search the next day. And I searched the other side too.

No moths, live or dead, to be seen, and there have been no ominous flutterings anywhere in the studio or the rest of the house since that day (yes, there is yarn and roving and fleece in almost every room, despite my efforts to keep it in here. apparently fibre wanders in the night). My daughter is on constant wool moth alert and would have notified me if one had even farted within a block of this house. She takes her duties seriously.

I left the fleece in the freezer for five days. Most folks said 48 hours and I'd love to pretend that I was being thorough but really I just wasn't paying attention and it was Thursday before I knew it.

Today I took the fleece out of the freezer and took it outside. I had no belief that any moth would still be alive after all this time, but I didn't want to be stupid and confidently fling it open in the middle of my studio, just to have fourteen moths fly out and eat everything I've got in here, including the computer. (no, i do not have a knitted computer, you are just being silly. shut up)

I'm nothing if not paranoid.

I looked in the fleece and relief!. There were a few moths, but hardly a thousand, or even a dozen. All very, very dead. It doesn't look like the fibre is particularly damaged, but time will tell.

I put it in a dark green garbage bag and set it out in the sun on our picnic table in the side yard, this being a particularly nice day. It's back in the house now (you know, just in case the deer or the bear start stealing fleece off of picnic tables in the middle of the night -- can't trust those bastard woodland creatures) and if tomorrow is warm I'll put it out in the sun again, otherwise I'll keep it in here for a few days to let any surviving eggs hatch and then jam it in the freezer for another week or so (or hell, a month, can't predict these things around here)

After it's been froze a second time I will wash and card it and then see what it's looking like. I really don't think it's anywhere near trashed. I hope not -- the colours are amazing, from almost black to chocolate brown, and glossy, glossy fibre. I suspect that Spirit's owner hand-brushed him daily and for all I know he may even have been allowed to live indoors.

When it was given to me I was told it was a "very dirty" fleece. Ha! Clearly this lady has never experienced projectile-pooping sheep (it's the only way to explain some of this Cheviot) or a cranky goat with GI issues and an overabundance of spite. There's some sand and a few twigs in it. That's it. I am dying to spin it, supported by this Moorit I've been hoarding for a year or so.

Yeah, I know I'm not good enough to spin anything like that yet, but hell, it's mine and I have the wheel(s) so I can't think of anyone who can tell me not to.

So there.

News Flash -- This Just In

I just searched both sides of the roving cupboard again, being a little obsessive, and upon turning back to the computer, bumped the edge of the keyboard tray, upon which my wine glass was standing, and sent a rather large glass of a nice pinot noir, which I had purchased to share with my husband over tonight's pasta dinner, crashing to the floor. It somehow splashed UP and soaked the back of my jeans and my underpants and the back of my chair. It's quite amazing how much floor space one glass of wine can cover.

The good things? The glass didn't break (yay for sturdy blue Mexican wine glasses!) and there was one more glass of wine in the bottle. It also missed hitting any of the wool, which is sort of bizarre considering it's piled in boxes and baskets and bags in every conceivable corner of this room.

The bad things? My ass, the floor and my chair all reek of wine.

If anyone out there has a terrible urge to lick either my ass, my chair or the floor of the studio, now would be the time to do so.

Just make sure you don't drive home afterwards, k?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Last of the Summer Wine

I'm on "vacation" from at least one of my jobs this week, which means I'm only working 24/7 instead of the usual double that. The three of us managed to slip under the radar on Monday and grab a few hours on the last day of the PNE.

A few highlights:

They're Staring At Us!
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
These two little babies were just about the first animals we ran into. According to Mel they're Suri Alpacas -- the most expensive kind. Of course I fell in love with them.

Quick, Hide In Here
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

I think they might have had a bit of a problem with their haircut. And truthfully, who wouldn't? They sort of look like ... well ... the closest thing I can think of would be Paris Hilton's Hasidic cousin or something. Dig the crazy sidelocks.

Anyhow, they found a handy bale of something to hide in and all was well.

I want two of them. Maybe ten. I really have to remember to marry for money next time.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

I told you there were ducks.

Apparently baby ducks don't have a great deal of shame when it comes to public drunkenness.

I'm pretty sure there were a few with at least part of their bodies actually in the water dish.

I want several of these, also.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
This was the view from the top of the ferris wheel. I don't think it was race day.

At least I hope it wasn't, because they were running in both directions on the track and most of them were actually just sort of trotting.

Maybe this was race day for the really old and confused horses.

One never knows.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

This was the view from the bottom of the ferris wheel.

I'm pretty sure I liked this one the best.

Even better than the fibre i bought.

Apparently I'm more bitter than I thought about Rhinebeck and brought home some Romney. And some Polworth. And maybe some alpaca.

Hands up who's surpised! Nobody?

Yup. Pretty much what I expected.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

We stayed all day, until it was night.

It came as a shock to me, but apparently it's difficult to be dignified when you're riding a giant white rabbit around in circles.

I would have gone around ten times if Eleanor hadn't thought the ride was "too lame".

Darned kid hit the rollercoaster twice, though.

before you ask, no i did not. i might have dropped the package of fibre.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


The Moth of Khan

Oh god, yesterday I found the fibre fanatic's biggest nightmare.


I went into the roving cupboard to get something to take to work and spin and there were moths in the llama.

Nowhere else, and believe me, I checked compulsively ... but MOTHS

I packed it into two other bags and shoved it in the freezer and we'll know in a couple of days if it's ok.

But oh FSM, I thought I was gonna die.

Pray for me. And for the llama.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Bad, Bad Rabbit!

(please note, my mouse isn't working properly, Blogger blows goats and did something bad to my formatting and my kid won't leave me alone for 30 seconds, so please ignore the mess of the fonts and all. i'll fix it later but if i don't post it now it'll be another three weeks before i get around to it)

Apparently one of the best ways to have readership start to drop dramatically is to not post anything.

That used to only happen when I posted knitting -- I have the JenLa Curse -- and in fact my readership went up when I didn't post anything (you can imagine exactly what that did to my large but fragile ego), but apprently now it also happens when I don't post at all.

I'm shocked.

I finally have a picture-filled post for y'all. It's a mish-mosh and there is no fibre content whatsoever (apart from the fibre on the hoof) but I thought before I started getting concerned emails asking if I was dead or something that I should at least get some sort of post up here.

The Fair

Here's the best shot from the fair. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but hey. I was more concerned with how much cotton candy I could eat before barfing than I was with focusing and stuff.

Roller Coaster
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
This was too much fun. Notice my child is right at the front, having the time of her life. She kept yelling "so much fun!" the whole time that the grownups were screaming. Balls of brass, that one.

Let My Camelids Go
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

There were lots of llamas. And some ducks. (this link is provided for those who do not yet know about llama, llama, duck. The rest of you -- follow at your own risk.) I fell in love with this one. Unfortunately I really seem to be having issues with taking decent photographs. I shoulda used the flash. Or, if I used it, then I shouldn't have.
Whatever it was, I did something wrong. But yeah, this llama has to come live in my house.

The Beach

deep cove
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
This is Deep Cove, where I took my kid to swim in the ocean last week. I love this place, and would just kill to live here.

Of course I would have to kill someone really
rich to live here and then find a way to take all of their money, so maybe not. It's only a few minutes away from my house on the bus, and it's a fantastic place to spend the afternoon with your kid.

Or with knitting and a book.

Yes, I knat on the sand.

The Sky

sky for Sandy
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

This is Saturday Sky for
Sandy. This is what the sky above Deep Cove looked like the day we went swimming and knitting. It was actually a Friday sky, not a Saturday one, but I figure it was Saturday somewhere, so maybe she'll make an exception.

The Reason

oh deer
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
And this is one of the reasons that although it might be a little more convenient to live somewhere else, I don't plan on budging from here for quite some time.

Again, not a great photo, and apparently this deer is possessed and has laser beams instead of eyes. This deer was eating my blackberry bushes (sorry Mrs. Q! There's still lots!) and then casually strolled down the driveway (this is the end of my drive and the corner of my neighbour's fence) and wandered off down the street to eat the plants in one of the vacant lots across the road.

And now it's time to go squeeze the last few ounces of summer out of the next three days. It's time for sushi in the park!

and then to work from four to midnight but we won't talk about that. i think i'll take my turkish spindle with me and take another run at that drop-spindling thingie my buddy jel has gotten herself all addicted to. and maybe a bag of bfl that i've had hiding in the roving cupboard for a year or more.

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