Thursday, January 03, 2008


In The Words of Tiny Tim ...

"God Bless you, every one."

OK, so I'm not so much about the god thing but anyone who's been reading along for a bit knows that I have my own (somewhat warped) views on spirituality and a possible deity and so on.

I'm not going to get into that here, because it's 5:45pm, dinner's almost ready and I have to try to get out the door by 7:30 so I can hit the post office on the way to work. I did, however, want to say a giant thank you to everyone who donated to Phoebe's Fix-Up Fund -- and those words, from "A Christmas Carol", I do believe, seemed appropriate.

I'm sure Mel will post an update shortly, however the fund is now over $5k. All of Phoebe's expenses, both from the first clinic and from the ortho surgery, should be well covered by this point and there's a good chance there will be some left to put into the emergency fund at his clinic for the next critter who gets mooshed and needs some help.

So you can stops sending your loot -- go spend it on yarn!

I can't begin to tell you how much this has warmed my black and slightly-shrivelled heart.

aww shucks! I'd hit the post office too if I had a big enough hammer.... hmmm...
That's great news! We don't like no animal sufferin' in these parts.
"You have entered the knit blogosphere, be not afraid"?

As for hitting the post office, give 'em a whack for me -- maybe it will thump loose at least two things I know they've lost. Aim for that carrier who keeps mis-sorting her mail, she'd be the one who put it in the wrong box . . .
That is excellent news!
What if those who still want to donate chose to donate to Rabbitch? Since she's such a good soul who likes to help others, maybe we should contribute to the bleach fund, especially in light of yesterday's news of work-related dumbfuckery. Got a PayPal account, Rabbitch?
This is such great news, I hope Mel gets to see her again after she's all fixed up.
You know, one of the things I like most about you is that you talk like the owner of a black and slightly shriveled heart, but you act like the owner of a really big, smooshy one. Who also owns a brain.
I am so glad that my little donation could help out. Poor thing breaks my heart!
So glad to hear Phoebe will be okay. And especially happy to hear the excess will go to help other mammals. Crap, now I feel all gooey inside.
I'm a sucker for sad animal stories, (I feel awful about the tiger thing) so I am glad my twenty bucks helped.

Read you a lot, love your ass weasel, bleach drinking, charming ass.
Methinks I spotted a wee red patch of goodness in that slightly shriveled cardiac pump. Not only for wee tremblin' beasties but two-foots on the street. Your bluster is fun to read knowing that there's a good person behind it.

(my verification word is bzyrx. Very fitting for my day)
I'm so glad to hear that Phoebe will be all right. And hooray for the generosity of knitters!
I'm really curious about this post office thing. Mine closes at 5pm, and since you live in the same country as I, yours will close at 5pm as well.

Unless of course, you're not going into the post office to mail a package or buy stamps or something similar. Maybe you have a mallet under the front seat of your vehicle and you will actually hit the building.

I'm going to stop now.
I second Tasha.
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