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Wanna see what I got me for my birthday? (January 21 -- I thought I'd get it early so I could hide it and then be surprised. It's one of the advantages of early senility).

Lookie here.

Then go blame her.

Couldn't you just go "squee"? (that is, of course, if you weren't a big butch rabbit who wouldn't do something like go "squee".)

Wino socks.. hee hee hee. Which color did you get or did you already forget?
I'm with Mouse on this one. These would make a great gift, especially to oneself. I never squeed myself. Peed myself, but not squeed. If something makes you go squee, it must be something awesome!
Mwah ha ha.

(Thank you. It's nice to know we can have adjoining caves in the hermit hostel. Me an you. And the leaves. Forever.)
You ladies and your fermented footwear! I'll admit, I'm smitten with the tiny leaves, but where and when would you wear such a thing? (Come to think of it, a Feast of Bacchus might be appropriate...)Or do you just get one of those creepy fake legs and use the whole deal as a centerpiece?
I went and looked at the kits last night but they were out of my price range before I started with the international shipping and the big feet. I have a plan for selling handspun (more saleable than the firstborn)to finance a kit. It's either that or my birthday and I can't wait that long.

This may well be my first comment although I've been here for 9/10 of forever.
LittleLeavesSquee! GrapesSquee!

I am so not going to knit these though. I shall enjoy it vicariously through yourself and her Harlotness. *cue evil laughter*
Heh heh. I checked them out too, and am fantasizing about them myself. What a great birthday gift. Mine is next month. Now the wheels are spinning.
What fun for a KAL? A sip of wine, a stitch, a sip of wine, a sip of wine... frog six sts.... a sip of wine. At least the frogging wouldn't hurt...
Since Big Butch Rabbits don't "squee", do please feel free to allow the rest of us to do it for you....
I've lusting after that kit since I saw Harlot's post yesterday....*sigh*
Which colorway did you get, or have you already forgotten? :o)
LMAO! Happy Birthday Hazel (sorry, it stuck and it's notoriously hard to get anything of reality into my brain). I would wish you same on the day itself, but I will have forgotten in one of my drinking binges between now and then. (I hope the little leaves don't visit you in your nightmares.)
You may squee for now m'dere but I'll be waiting for your response after you've done about a dozen leaves and realize you need to do a harvestful more.

(have fun! And happy birthday!)
Nutters. The pair of you.
You are a brave, brave woman. I left a comment on Stephanie's blog saying I'd come help knit leaves except for the minor impediment of thousands of miles of travel. Maybe a thousand isn't too many? Holler if you need some help with the drinking and knitting -- if nothing else, I can drink vicariously down here and send you drunken emails encouraging you on :) Umm, happy early birthday, btw!
That kit is just some crazy sockitude right there. Enjoy it! I'm sure you'll get hours and hours and hours of knitting out of it and the envy and admiration of, well, everyone.
I'm with Rachel H. on this one. Nutters. Couldn't have said it better. Hell, I can't even knit one plain sock using the Harlot's recipe. What on earth would happen to me if I tried tiny leaves?
The Tsock Tsarina is FABULOUS. You'll have lots of fun. :)
FiberQat beat me to it! I was wondering what sort of blue streak would ensue after you'd knit a dozen or so leaves. I'm guessing that's one post I'd better not try to read at work! LOL
I'm waiting for somebody to make Jameson socks. Then I'm in.

And Happy Birthday!!!
One can't help but, "squeeeee" really. It's sort of involuntary. Those look like fun!
They look like fun, but really, I know they'd make me insane. More insane. I'm resisting their call, I swear. On the other hand, tomorrow I am going to see Lucy Lee, the genius of Minds Eye Yarns, for a spinning lesson, so I probably shouldn't talk about other people getting sucked into the dark side of things by their fibery friends...
You and the Harlot between you are a powerful pair of temptresses ... I've already spent my allowance this month, but maybe in February?
Jameson socks, Libby? You mean, drinking my 12 yo bottle while knitting sox doesn't count? (grinning)
What would I use, instead of those adorable little leaves, though....Hmmm.....It'd have to be done in lovely shades of browns...hmmmmm
Hmph, tried to post a longish comment with my usual witty repartee and friggin' Blogger ate it. Try again.

Squee? Not me. I am much too dignified to squee, even if I didn't have a sore throat that would make it sound like squagggghhhhhllll. And it's Stephanie's fault for blocking the little leaves. Unblocked, no temptation. Saw one blocked and I suddenly have the urge to spend waaaay too much time I don't have knitting socks I don't really need or want. They wouldn't suit my style. But..

The technique is fabulous even if the socks aren't for me. Wouldn't the leaves and grapes motif make a terrific asymmetrical neckline on a lightweight sweater? Not that I have anywhere to wear a lightweight sweater up here, but I can't get the image out of my mind. Instead, I'll just watch sedately while you all go nutty knitting tiny leaves...
I did the same thing. Birthday's on Jan 16th and I used it to rationalize the $240 expenditure. Those socks that YH and the ones from last year's club are fantastic. Can't wait to see what they come up with for '08.

PS - early wishes for a Happy Birthday to you.
I'll drink to that - heh
Great birthday present! Have fun with the knitting, and post pics! Happy Early Birthday.
Thank you, o intrepid enabler. While Steph only posted photos, you posted the frickin' link.

I am a joiner. I am a joiner who must have leaves of her very own.
I spent all yesterday afternoon admiring those leaves. You have excellent taste hahaha.
Those are SOO squee-worthy!! I might have to break my vow of No Socks Never Not Nohow No Way, and look into that. But first, I will go have a glass of wine and lie down to see if the feeling passes.
Those are the most delicious socks I have ever tasted with my eyeballs.
Hate to be a party pooper, but I just don't get these socks. The leaf on the toe would drive me insane as would the grapes on the instep.

The individual leaves are very cute, though.
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