Thursday, February 26, 2009



I've been off the radar for a bit, and I apologize if anyone's been concerned.

There's been some RL stuff to deal with around here. Something quite horrible happened to my family this week and I had to deal with it. It's something I can't blog the details of due to possible legal issues in the future, but rest assured that nobody is harmed in any way, mentally or physically. If I've discussed it with you already in private conversation then you know what's gone down; if I haven't, then I'm sorry but I won't be doing so. This is something I need to keep close to my chest.

The issue was, and is, betrayal, by someone who purported to be a friend.

I seldom get angry. Oh sure, I rant, I rave, I run about screaming inappropriate (and sometimes incomprehensible) vulgarities, but I don't get angry. If something offends me I fire up, blog about it or rant to a friend, and then it's over. Done. Gone forever. Dust in the wind, as it were.

I know I bluster here, but the folks who've met me in person know that I'm generally pretty calm. I don't usually get upset over things; or at least not for any length of time.

For me, angry is a huge emotion and something that's not particularly healthy to be. When I get really really angry, I don't get unangry until someone's dead, and it doesn't even matter if it's me. I don't back down -- I'm unable to -- which is why I seldom start.

Unfortunately, this is one of those times.

(I'm sort of like one of those fucking dogs that bite you and then their jaw locks and they can't let go. Or maybe it's not a dog but a turtle. Or perhaps it's just my imagination but I'm pretty sure there's something that does that, isn't there?)

No, not for real dead. I'm not about to get a kitchen knife and go stalk someone. I'm not in any way physically dangerous, but some things are unforgivable, and attacking my family is one of them.

So for now, and for the foreseeable future, I'm angry. Loaded for bear kind of angry. And perchance just a little vengeful.

Someone's gonna pay.

And I suspect there will be rather a lot of very tight knitting.

Next post: pictures of snow, pictures of knitting, rejoicing in the silly creature that is Boris the trouser Corn Snake and perhaps some news about spinning, too. Stay tuned, it's not going to be all blood and bandages.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If You Are Freaked Out By Snakes ...

... Today's post would be a good one to skip.

No really. It would.

I'm trying to put lots of paragraphs and line returns and so on in here so that if you're scared of snakes or find them repulsive you don't have to gaze upon the new love of my life.

Run away.

Look away now.

Is that enough room?

If not then oh well, you'll have to look at a snake.

And like it, bitch.

Oops, was that my outside voice?

And now, here, we have the picture of my little (well, almost four feet, but still little) dude.

Oh look, you're safe, I can't post photos, only links.

Flickr is being a complete and utter bitch today so I don't know if this is going to work but I'll try ...


There, can you see him? Is he gorgeous?

Like I said, Flickr has something seriously wacked going on with it right now so I can only post links, but here's the dude climbing the skanky tiled wall of my bathtub. I'm still not quite sure how he did that, but apparently that's how he rolls.

Of course, we're careful with him. He's a vicious wild animal. Vicious I tell you.


If you don't hear from us for a while, assume he's eaten us. About an ounce at a time.

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