Friday, October 30, 2009


Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

Or $5? Or a scarf?

Yet again, my buddy Norma is doing a thingie for the Red Scarf Project. I'm in a rush here (at work, stealthblogging in between misdirecting calls) so there's no linky-loo there, but there are links all over Norma's page, 'cause she's like that.

Anyhow, they've gotten about 20% of the hoped-for number of scarves, I believe, and they're far, far short of their monetary goal, also. If you've got time to knit a scarf (shut up, there is no Christmas Knitting going on) or a spare $5 (or more) ... won't you go help a girl out? There are tons of fabulous prizes, and, of course, there's the glory ...

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Send Help. Now. And a Brassiere.

I just went outside. Something big fell down my neck.

I grabbed and pulled out what I think was a big spider leg but it might have been a twig (the joys of living in the woods is that one can never be sure).

I flailed at myself for a while then ran in and took off both shirts. I asked my husband to check if there was a pissed-off 7-legged spider on me.

He took off my bra instead.

So now my boobs are to my knees and I think I have an angry spider in my pants.

Anyone have any bug spray?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


So How Was Your Day?

Me, I've still got lots to tell but I've been busy.

Let's see, my car is still in need of work (I think either another engine mount has gone or the almost-new transmission is fucked -- knowing my luck it's both), I've discovered that the District, who owns my house, wants to knock it down (fortunately not with me in it; they've given me lots of time to move. Haha! Does anyone know of a large house in North Vancouver, complete with studio, that I can get for under $1300 a month? No, I didn't think so), my kid has been sick so I've had her underfoot riding the Drama Llama for several days, and oh yes, I'm making something special for someone and tonight I spun about five yards of mulberry silk.

It wasn't so much spinning as careful and painful twisting, inch by inch, because I really needed the silk and it really needed not to be a wreck and I really didn't have time to learn how to spin silk because I need it right away.

So I twisted it, slowly, carefully, painfully (OK, not so much pain; it was fun, I'm just using that poetic license thing here) and set the twist and then dyed it an amazing shade of a deep, deep burgundy red sort of thingie.

And then, while pouring out the excess dye, the silk (which is slippery) flooped out of the pot and disappeared down the bathroom sink which has no little mesh junk-catcher thing in it.

So now I have red hands, a broken car, I'm soon to have no home (and I've got to pack and MOVE all of this shit!) and there are five yards of beautiful silk somewhere down a sink that the District won't repair because they want me to move.

So hi. I'm fine and I'm still here but it's a little ... fraught around here today.

So how you doing? (someone pass me a beer, will you?)

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