Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We Have Good News, and We Have Bad News

The good news is that the fibre community has come through in spades. I don't have a figure, I haven't talked to Mel today, but the Phoebe Repair Fund is looking good!

I've tried to respond to most of the emails I've been sent. There are still a few I have to get to tonight. However, if you haven't heard from me directly, please take this as a huge Thank You!, and all of your names are in the hat for prizely goodness.

The bad news? Well, they've changed the schecdule at The Awful Work. They've changed it to a schedule I don't think I (or any of our current employees) can or will do.

So ... either I work insanely inconvenient hours and can't pick up extra shifts at The Good Job, or I go to part time and stop paying my bills and declare bankruptcy.

Either way, looks like my hopes and dreams of going to the FibreFest in Abbotsford in March are finished. Thank the FSM this at least happened before I paid for my booth.

Cheer up, all is not yet lost. Although I'm not entirely certain of what has been (or can be) salvaged, at least I've got rent for January covered, and there's plenty of bleach to drink if things get worse.


I couldn't have said it better myself!
...and fuck again. Jeez! Well, sending you happy thoughts, anyway.
Do I hear a unanimous Wildcat strike in the works? Illegal, but highly effective if everyone goes out.
bastard assweasels!
Well, hell in a handbag.
Fuckity fuck. I think it's some serious stabbity time.
What in all the hells have you done to piss off The Powers that Be? It's time to start looking for a not-so-shitty job to pair with the good job. Forget the shitty job if you can.

Or there's always Mel's idea of stabbity time.
Why does management always have to be such ass-eating cocksuckers? They're not the ones who have to slave away at salaries that they make in one day; it's the person actually doing the work who suffers. Fuck indeed.

Is there anything I can do to help you?
I suppose this wouldn't be a very good time to wish you Happy New Year, then? Arseholes. But I hope you have a happy and healthy 2008 anyway, in spite of them all.
That sucks big green gangrenous donkey... ahem. Sorry.
Well that sucks. My new job does too, so I may plan a visit and bring a case of bleach with me so we can white out the dark misery of stupid schedules together. Stupid work.
I would shower you with comments like "everything works out for a reason" or "it will get better", but that's just assbeagle crap. Stupid job. Stupid management. Bleach good, but stick with a nice merlot!
Stupid fuckmonkeys.

I'm with whoever up there said "I would tell you it gets better"....but that shit doesn't help any.

May a thousand fleas infest their genital regions.
Rat bastards. Maybe if we all send them threatening notes accompanied by well-sharpened knitting needles? As a hint that they'd better get a fuckin' clue? I'm sorry. I wanted you to go to that fiber festival, like real bad. Fuckweasels.
I really hate your job. I can't even begin to imagine how you feel about it. I'm tossing a, "fuck" into the ring on this one, too.
I'm still looking for a job that pays me for my good looks & sparkling personality. If I ever find it I'll let you know so you can come too.
This just blows goats balls.
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