Sunday, January 06, 2008


Clearing Stuff Up

Oh! It's the new year thing already, isn't it?

Time to clear out the "FO" list from the sidebar.

In 2007 I finished:

  • 8 washcloths (for me)
  • child's hat (for Farm Witch) - turquoise
  • five dead rats (for me) - grey, beige and red
  • child's hat (for Farm Witch) - pink
  • 44 washcloths (for others)
  • 1 earwarmer (for babysitter)
  • 1 small cotton bag (for MissyMoo)
  • The Easter Sheep (for MissyMoo)
  • The Easter Bunnie (for MissyMoo)
  • 1 pr worsted socks (for me)
  • 1 pr striped wristers (for MissyMoo)
  • chemo cap (for Miss Lori's Mom)
  • Harlot Rib Scarf (for Ash)
  • Handspun Alpaca/Silk Wristers (for me)
  • Handspun Alpaca/Silk Headband (for me)
  • Emerald Green Scarf (for Grape the Bunny)
  • Emerald Green Hat (for Grape the Bunny)
  • Red Mittens for MissyMoo
  • Grey Mittens for Ben
  • 9 items for Dulaan

    For a total of 77 knitted items and five dead rats.

    The first washcloth (you knew I couldn't stop knitting those, didn't you?) is off the needles for the first finished item of 2008. My goal this year? 78 finished items, including some actual garment-type items rather than a frenzy of washcloths.

    Hahahaha! Yeah, right.

    Hold on tight -- the ride's about to start.

  • Comments:
    Just curious: Was the red dead rat red because of blood? Or.....?
    Are you collecting washcloths this year? I need an alarmingly huge head start.
    Norma beat me to it. I have to know about the red rat or it'll keep me up tonight.
    Ditto on the rats.

    I don't know if I'd do so well aiming for a particular number of FOs...maybe I'll try accumulating potential FOs.
    78?? At this point, I'd be impressed with myself if I just finished 7 or 8.
    Damn, girl, you gotta get out more. 78 FOs? We are tres impressed down here in the southland (and I would've asked about the rats, but I sorta assumed...)(what does that say about me?)(don't answer that).
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