Monday, June 23, 2008



Uh, I'm still here, I've just had an utterly insane couple of weeks.

Quick update; something more substantial (maybe with pictures!) later this week.

1. My mother is doing well, I think she'll live to be 100 (just to spite me). Thank you so much for all of the good wishes.

2. I did the fibrefest yesterday and it was good. If you measure the expenses against the sales, I lost, and badly. However, many of the expenses were for things I'll use many many more times (my very own event tent, shelving units, a table and so on) so I didn't lose at all, and I got to spend much of the day amongst my people.

x. You can get WAY more into a car than you think you can.

pi. Bacon is still my best friend. Apart from Ann, who likely has nothing to do with bacon at all. Except maybe eating it. shut up.

Life is pretty damned good right now, but I need to go now and do that thing that mortals do. I think it's called sleep.

A real update (now with pictures! Did I mention the pictures!?) is coming. Really. Maybe even pictures of my new yarnz.

Oh and PS, if you've tried to contact me via Ravelry, I haven't logged in for more than a minute or two in the last two months ... try emailing to teh dot bunnei at gmail dot com.

The dots and ats thing is to fool the spambots. The "teh.bunnei" thing isn't a typo.

Now bed. Really. No really, right now ...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


If It Ever Seems ...

... like a good idea to you to stand up and skein something like 5,000 yards of fingering weight yarn on a niddy noddy (in several skeins) in one evening ...

Trust me, it's not.

I'm getting ready for the fest. There are kits coming and they'll rock. But man, do I ever love whoever invented ibuprofen.

And no, it's not actually a lot easier on a swift. A little faster but it still breaks your back. The minute Mr. Assmuppet's tax return arrives I'm buying me one of them electric skein winding thingies.

I think I need that even more than I need new shoes.


ps mum is home and doing well, thank you all for the good wishes. and the best thing about it is that she's in her home, not mine.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My Mummy

My mum's in the hospital -- she had major surgery yesterday.

She's fine -- nothing malignant, just a few small repairs -- she's already been up on her feet for a few minutes and when I saw her last night at five she was high as a weasel on demerol, quietly spooning green jello into her left ear.

She was alert enough to refuse to drink the swill they called tea. She said "that's all very nice, but I really don't want something that's been steeping since 9am."

They're really good at patient care there, but the tea is unspeakably bad. There was also no paper in the bathroom, no washcloth and no towel. I do so love the cutbacks, don't you?

All of the things I've said about her? They're true, from my perspective. But she's still my mummy and the only one I've got, so if you could possibly spare a good thought or two I'd appreciate it. She's got about six weeks of recovery ahead of her and I suspect after about two more weeks she'll be irritating as fuck. I know I would be. And will be.

Send good thoughts and strength in our direction if you would; otherwise one of us is almost sure to strangle the other.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Going in the Car, Car

I'm going in the car, car
'Cause it isn't very far, far
I'm going to the fest, fest
And it's gonna be the best, best

Everybody sing!

A friend of mine recently asked if I was going to go to the Knit-Out and Fest in Victoria on the 22nd. I said no, I hadn't even been aware of the passage of time and that it was coming up so soon. I'd seen no advertising (mostly because I'm being a hermit these days) and hadn't even thought to bookmark it.

So I wrote to the organizer and said "dude, can I get on the list for updates for next year, seeing I've missed the deadline for this one?"

She wrote back and said "oh, you can still have a table, the deadline was just for sponsors."

I wrote back and said something along the lines of "Eek! Short timing! I couldn't possibly do it and also too I'm working full-time right now."

And then of course I said I'd take a table and immediately launched into full-scale crisis-management mode. Apparently I'm good at that. I thrive on chaos. No wonder Stephanie and I think that Kali is an appropriate name for me (Janice just still isn't working).

I've lined up a shitpile of good stuff -- some kits, some soap (seriously dudes, you want this ... if I'm not allergic to it, nobody is), some other thangs. There's roving in the oven right now. Seacell in "Tequila Sunrise" and if you have quite a lot of cash (like $8 an ounce) and don't value your vision you'll love it (magenta, orange, gold, you get the idea). I believe I'll be carrying some lines from other vendors also who won't be able to make it that day.

There's a dyed purple lamb batt for felting or spinning, a whole heap of sock yarn (and maybe even too some Revenge if you're lucky) and god knows what else.

So ... you going? If so, apparently I'll see you there.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Ride of the Valkyries

The Esteemed Lala takes off in about half an hour for her epic fundraising ride. I think the ride actually starts about two and a half hours from now.

This is a difficult time for many people (WTF has gone on with everyone this month??) and I know everyone's busy but if y'all could spare a good thought or two over the next week as she rides 2,498 miles (or whatever it is -- I may be prone to a little exaggeration here) with an egg balanced on the end of her nose, I can't see that being a bad thing.

Ride, Lala, ride.

You are truly a righteous woman.

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