Friday, January 11, 2008


Trundling Right Along

Well, we have more good news and we have betterer news. Yes, it's a word. Shut up.

The good news is that I'm going to the Fibre Fest in Abbotsford in March after all. As a vendor.

This decision was already made before we found out ...

... the betterer news, which is that Mr. Assmuppet starts a new job next week, and it's a pretty sweet deal. The best part is that he hadn't even applied there -- they called and recruited him. That'll put a little starch in his socks.

The betterest news (yes, yet another word) is that because of said job, I may be able to cut back to part-time hours once again and become a Giant Fibre Maven (tm). So far we only have the "Giant" part covered, and that mostly just refers to my ass, but we're working on the rest.

(the bad news is that for all of this to work I have to buy a car, next week, with no money whatsoever. if you know of someone in Vancouver who is maybe insane or just has a lot of cars and is selling one that runs for oh, like $200 or something -- yes, i know, shut up -- then would you please let me know? hey, can't hurt to ask ...)

And now to answer the pressing questions of the day. Or perhaps the pressing question, singular, seeing I don't think there are any others I haven't answered. Or, if there are, y'all will just have to ask them again because apparently I'm a little absent-minded at the moment.

Claret. The Beauteous Sock Kit has been ordered in Claret. I like the drinking of the Pinot Noir (and also the Pinot Grigio, apparently -- nom nom nom) but for the knitting it was the Claret that grabbed my heart and squeezed until I w(h)ined.

And now, apparently, I have some knitting to do or Jen's going to hit me in the face with a sheep and then steal my wool.

Yowch, try not to get hit by the sheep's head -- their skulls are darn hard!
just the bestest news to hear. Sorry I can't help witht he car andwill love foward to toasting with a glass of Claret when your beauteous sock are done!
It's a shame you don't live in Iowa. (shut up) Because this ad recently appeared in the classifieds there (google it if you don't believe me):

"OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents who obviously don't love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom who needs to get a life found booze under front seat. $3,700/offer. Call meanest mom on the planet."
Carol's car ad is hilarious!! I thought I was the meanest Mom on the planet though.

So glad Mr. Assmuppet found himself a job and you can cut back to part time. That really rocks.
Congratulations! It's about time Mr. Assmuppet got himself a job. And to be recruited - just be careful he doesn't walk around with a hard-on all week because now he has a swelled head.

A Giant Fibre (Canadian spelling) Maven, huh? Maybe you should consider selling your Toe Jammies in my new shop. This one is serious - I'm still recruiting vendors. If you're interested, let me know - it's a little different than any of the other shops out there.

Have yourself a huge class of Pinot or Claret or whatever floats your boat and celebrate. :)
Congrats on all counts. I love me some pinot too. Have you tried the Barefoot brand? Delicious and butt ass cheap, without tasting like either.

I hadn't realized that our KAL was S&M style. I think maybe I'll just start lying about shit, over there. Although, it would be cool to finally meet Jen, even if it is from the wrong end of a sheep.
Love that car ad -- and here I thought I was the original funsucker (doncha just love that word? a friend's daughter calls her mom that in moments of teenage angst). Yay for Giant Fibre Mavenhood (tm)! Off to go look at that sock kit again...
Yay! Finally, some good work news - you were definitely due. And holy crapsicles - does this mean that every so often you could actually get some sleep?
Yay! FInally things are looking up! Will keep eyes and ears open for a vehicle opportunity. Would love to see you sometime. Let's work on that!
I actually do have a rather nice 1998 Buick Century that I would sell you for $200 and work the rest out in wool. Alas, it is in MS and you are not. Could this obstacle be overcome?

Also: YAY!! for the looking-up-ness of your situation. Couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. You will still be Rabbitchy, though, won't you?
Congrats! I really hope Jen doesn't hit you with a sheep.. that would be really messy. Though, if she does I'm hoping that someone is around to video it...
Congratulations! I'm so very happy for you! About damn time you ditched those hours-par tay! You'll find a car, no sweat~
Don't much care how unseemly it is for a middle aged woman...I'm gonna cut loose with a big, ol', "squeeeeeeeeee!" on your behalf. This is very, very good news indeed and I will take the hit with the sheep for you just to keep the good vibes going if that'll help!
So I ordered the Claret kit also. Sigh. I'd say I'm a real sheep, but the commenter ahead of me is the Real Deal. Besides, if I did that, I might get hit with one of Jen's sheep too.
So glad to hear that things are looking up for you. I have an out-of-work son-in-law who needs a job and is almost ready to just grab anything--sigh. Men. Probably just as well I don't have one any more!
do you have freecycle there? people GIVE cars away on that.

or craigslist?

or carpooling?

or someone you could give gas money to for "taxi" service?

i don't suggest grand theft auto . . .

and hey -- if da man's got job, he oughtta become mr. muppet, shouldn't he? (cuz he's gettin' off his ass.)

Will keep good 'car'ma thoughts for ya, kid. This is great
Well it's about time that you had some good news to report. So happy for you!
Three cheers for you! That would be Hip Hip Butt!
Delurking to say it's about freakin' time you caught a break - thanks for all the laughs :)
ditto shelley
Great news! Good luck with the car. We've had good luck with the 1K or less cars ourselves.
Life sh*ts on you, and then seemingly all at once, takes most of it back.

Could you send some of your good karma down here? I'll return it...and SEND YOUR FRIGGIN YARN. I've had such issues with the post office having hour-long lines and me only having 10 minutes....I have put something else in there for you though :)
All this and knitting, too? I'll drink a beer to celebrate.

I have a bike with two flat tires and a mouse-chewed seat that I'll gladly sell you for $200. Canadian.
Excellent news! I hope it works out well. Hope you have a great time in Abbotsford
Yay for the news! Let us now do the car mojo.
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