Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lower Than Reindeer Socks

So tonight I said to Mr. Assmuppet "Thanks for doing laundry. It's been getting bad around here -- I'm down to wearing the reindeer socks." His response was, "Oh, at least those cover your toes. I was lower than that."

We immediately decided that "Lower Than Reindeer Socks" had to be next Xmoose's release by 98 New Kids in the Sink or whatever the latest generic boyband is called.

Uh, they do still have boybands, yes? I'm not dating myself here? (if they don't then if you're under 40, just wander on to the rest of the post, will you? nothing here for you to see)

I, however, am not feeling lower than reindeer socks, as I've had a great response to the Spinners Sampler bags as well as to the roving. I hope to have sexy new colours all ready by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately the computer decided to make a noise like a vacuum cleaner this morning. Apparently, just like the vacuum, my computer sucks. Haha, yes, funny.

Anyhow, I can't switch it on until Mr. Assmuppet has had a chance to take it apart and poke about in its guts and see what's what. It's likely just a failed fan (the other possibility, which we are not allowing to cloud our minds, is that it's completely gone and borked itself and we'll have to replace it. it is not that. shut up.) and we have enough partial computers lying about the place to replace that. So, barring the disaster about which we shall not speak, I'll be back in my usual technicolour glory by Sunday. Until then it is stealthblogging from elsewhere, accompanied only by pictures I can steal from others.

I expect to be posting quizzes again by tomorrow. Or, you know, just cussing a lot. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't have the sudden urge to start stabbing people.

I mean more people.

We'll be crossing our fingers that it's the fan.

And staying well out of stabbing range.
He washed the right socks, yes? That's good. I am having a dilemma about whether or not to ban Mr.Q from the laundry. Heaven forbid I should discourage any inclination toward housework...but...he did manage to get one of my hand-knit (non-superwash) socks into a load the other day...and it went through the dryer TWICE. Which I discovered well after the "Thanks for doing laundry!" pep talk.

If you feel an urge to do some stabbing, come on by my house, will you?
Stabbity Sisters Unite! I don't have anyone to blame for my lack of clean clothes. But, I won't have any underwear if I don't do something soon.
Non-superwash socks need to be put into their own separate laundry bag with a label saying "handwash, hang to dry only".

Use the twice-dried sock as a package-tie decoration?
But did he do laundry the right way? ;^)

Fingers crossed it's only a fan.
At least you haven't gotten to the point of going by the nearest Goodwill to pick up socks because there are no clean ones left! (Have you?) I'm spinning my roving, and it's glorious!! :)
Men who do laundry? Where do you get those?
Definitely praying. Have some wine. Fan, fan, fan, please let it be the fan. More wine. Can you get Screech on this end of the continent?

So, you're planning on managing a new boy band? This oughtta be good blog fodder...
Of COURSE it's the fan. (Can you blog from your vacuum in the meantime?) Actually my DH *does* do laundry - but I'm having trouble getting him to use dryer sheets. And he draws the line at ironing. I am NOT, however, complaining. Will that double-dried sock do as a cat toy? (Do you have a cat?) OK, going to light incense to the Letitbethefan Gods.)
Thanks for the chuckles and the perspective checks. I love seeing a new post from you.

So I tagged you :) The particulars are in today's post at my blog.

::snort:: Reindeer socks - as I imagine knitted items that are bulgy on the bottom and skinny at the top - made to go over hooves...
I thought a vacuum that sucks is good, certainly better than one that blows. My PC is starting to make a noise something like a helicopter, I hope it's just processing more;-)
Okay, am I missing something...?

What the hell is so wrong with reindeer socks?

(I am writing this while wearing a pair of sparkly black and blue socks with "Boys LOVE Me" stamped all over them.)
I love that you start a sentence with so. it is like using shall,,,
anyway I am not wearing socks, and I live in New Hamster, brrrrrr
and no sig other to do laundry, that damn dog will not do her part!!!!!
Hope your computer is better...I've given you one of my "You Make My Day" awards (awww!) over on my blog if you want to pick it up :)
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