Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sunday Night Update

Man, I'm getting so boring that I can't even think of post titles any more. All hail me, and such.

I've got 12 days left (plus the rest of tonight's shift -- so about 12 days plus 3.5 hours) of this 28-days-in-a-row dealie that I thought was such a good idea at the time.

Apparently it wasn't and my house is going to hell while the occupants spend most of their time whining. It was a great shock to find out that everyone's arms and legs had fallen off and that the only one able to do a single thing in the house was me. I'm not eating there, and I have clean clothes. You're on your own, dudes -- I care not one iota. Neither a jot nor a tittle, in fact.

Cold-hearted? Perhaps, but I don't actually care about that, either.

Something I do care about is the fact that Jennie is a bad, bad person, and introduced me to this pattern. This is exactly what I was looking for when I started The Camel-Coloured Reversible Cable From Hell, and again when I started The Irish Hiking Scarf That Hates Me.

Rippage occurred; life's too short to knit stuff that makes you blow chunks. I expect to have this done very quickly.

Two other exciting things: I'm on Ravelry now and have been for a while. I have almost nothing listed because I'm a total sloth, however if you would like to "friend" me, please do. My name there, startlingly enough, is Rabbitch.

Who would have suspected it?

The other exciting thing is yet another installment of The Parade of Warshcloths:

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These two babies came from someone in Ontario. Unfortunately there was an address but not a name on the envelope, so I don't know who sent them.

Thank you, anonymous knittingperson!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These three came from Gail.

I really appreciate it, thank you.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

These are from Bonnie.

Dude, did you block them or iron them or something? I've never seen such tidy flat washcloths in my life.

Thank you!

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

And from another member of the Overachievers 'R' Us club, fifteen washcloths from Ellanie!

That's all for today, folks. There are at least another five batches to blog about but I'm trying to draw out the suspense, and also make my pictures last over a few days, seeing someone says I don't post pictures very often *g*

I'd love to send you some cloths - where can I send them? My email addy is my name at my domain dot com :)
What? I said I like your dirty words and didn't give a rat's ass about your pictures! Some people. Hmph. (g)
Oh. I just read my own blog. I did say that (with a qualifier that also said you work a lot, and I didn't mention your name).

Guilty as charged... don't do it in splitty yarn like me, no matter how much that soft merino dive Zenith calls to you. (but my sister loves it, so I trudge on.)
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