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Bad, Bad Rabbit!

(please note, my mouse isn't working properly, Blogger blows goats and did something bad to my formatting and my kid won't leave me alone for 30 seconds, so please ignore the mess of the fonts and all. i'll fix it later but if i don't post it now it'll be another three weeks before i get around to it)

Apparently one of the best ways to have readership start to drop dramatically is to not post anything.

That used to only happen when I posted knitting -- I have the JenLa Curse -- and in fact my readership went up when I didn't post anything (you can imagine exactly what that did to my large but fragile ego), but apprently now it also happens when I don't post at all.

I'm shocked.

I finally have a picture-filled post for y'all. It's a mish-mosh and there is no fibre content whatsoever (apart from the fibre on the hoof) but I thought before I started getting concerned emails asking if I was dead or something that I should at least get some sort of post up here.

The Fair

Here's the best shot from the fair. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but hey. I was more concerned with how much cotton candy I could eat before barfing than I was with focusing and stuff.

Roller Coaster
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
This was too much fun. Notice my child is right at the front, having the time of her life. She kept yelling "so much fun!" the whole time that the grownups were screaming. Balls of brass, that one.

Let My Camelids Go
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

There were lots of llamas. And some ducks. (this link is provided for those who do not yet know about llama, llama, duck. The rest of you -- follow at your own risk.) I fell in love with this one. Unfortunately I really seem to be having issues with taking decent photographs. I shoulda used the flash. Or, if I used it, then I shouldn't have.
Whatever it was, I did something wrong. But yeah, this llama has to come live in my house.

The Beach

deep cove
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
This is Deep Cove, where I took my kid to swim in the ocean last week. I love this place, and would just kill to live here.

Of course I would have to kill someone really
rich to live here and then find a way to take all of their money, so maybe not. It's only a few minutes away from my house on the bus, and it's a fantastic place to spend the afternoon with your kid.

Or with knitting and a book.

Yes, I knat on the sand.

The Sky

sky for Sandy
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

This is Saturday Sky for
Sandy. This is what the sky above Deep Cove looked like the day we went swimming and knitting. It was actually a Friday sky, not a Saturday one, but I figure it was Saturday somewhere, so maybe she'll make an exception.

The Reason

oh deer
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch
And this is one of the reasons that although it might be a little more convenient to live somewhere else, I don't plan on budging from here for quite some time.

Again, not a great photo, and apparently this deer is possessed and has laser beams instead of eyes. This deer was eating my blackberry bushes (sorry Mrs. Q! There's still lots!) and then casually strolled down the driveway (this is the end of my drive and the corner of my neighbour's fence) and wandered off down the street to eat the plants in one of the vacant lots across the road.

And now it's time to go squeeze the last few ounces of summer out of the next three days. It's time for sushi in the park!

and then to work from four to midnight but we won't talk about that. i think i'll take my turkish spindle with me and take another run at that drop-spindling thingie my buddy jel has gotten herself all addicted to. and maybe a bag of bfl that i've had hiding in the roving cupboard for a year or more.

Just think how tasty that deer will be, after eating all those blackberries! Yum!

Llama, llama, duck!
Your squeezing of summer is having some great results -- the end of summer is good that way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend (while those of us in more southern climes avoid the beach like the plague on a sweltering Labor Day weekend).
Ah, Deep Cove from bottom to sky looks quite heavenly from here! Perhaps worth the risk of killing off a rich one? Nah. Too much anxiety!
:) Thanks for the sky! I am oohing. And a little ahhhing.
But I can't stop the guffawing at the "knat in the sand"
It's a slow weekend, what can I say?
I have seen 4 deer in suburban Atlanta in the past 2 weeks. I actually hit one a glancing blow with my car! (Deer got up and ran away, and car wasn't damaged.)
yup, "knat in the sand" made MY weekend.
Yep, it all sounds and looks quite grand...loves me a kid who loves the roller coaster!
mmmm, sushi...
"knat in the sand'...little explosion here...a good one.
You know why your readership is down? You haven't posted any yarn called "Wombat Snatch" or anything in a while. That is CLEARLY the problem.

Am glad that life seems to be treating you less like ass. 'Bout time, eh?

Wee Missy Moo is crazy. And adorable. (And has gotten positively huge ! Sheesh.)

--Shana in Missouri
I don't know what's more disturbing- the fact that I kept up with your pace through your whole post, or that you've had blue-faced leicester locked in a cupboard for over a year. Loved the photos, felt nauseaous and awestruck at all the proper moments. Glad you're posting on a semi-reg basis. Cami
In addition to everything else you've been going through, I kinda think August is like that. People are either madly enjoying the last of summer, or fervently cussing it out and hiding in the basement or somewhere until it cools the hell off.

Loved all the pictures, but especially the beach. Oh, do I love our coast up here! How can it be a real coast without lots of mountains diving right into the ocean? The cold ocean. [g]
I read, and enjoy on some level :0) , every post.
My readership plummets whenever I talk about disability. Every time. Can't say I'm not disappointed.zsxvmuv
Thank you for those pics of the Cove. I'm trapped in Manhattan (and bedridden and yet, still my father won't give me the bedroom that has a big window with a big tree outside of it), so it was lovely to look at that beach!

I just figured you weren't posting cause you had time off. seems like the more we could, the less we do. If you need help hiding the bodies for that beach front property, I'd be happy to help;)
Deep Cove looks glorious. I guess I'll have to add another place to my "must see" list. I hope your run of luck changes with the season.
ah, I loved Deep Cove. I used to live there for a short time, worked in a small shop down near the pier. I also canoed across the cove to the other side, upsetting along the way! That water is cold!!

It is indeed a lovely place, but so great that you are able to visit whenever you get some time. I never did knat on the sand there...
llama, llama, duck link bwoke. And I wanted to see it again. Laugh? I thought I'd die.
So strange you posted about this. I have noticed that I now have half as many hits as when I hadn't posted for a month. But then again, most of the hits were the results of unusual Google searches. So I understand. Maybe it's some sort of evil rabbit curse?
Readership is down all over, methinks. It's that latest fad on the playground, Ravelry. Ah, well. We'll all be dinosaurs together.
That is one gorgeous llama. Makes ya wanna plunge your hands deep into his fur, huh? And shear him bare.
Ha, on rereading, I thought the beginning said, "My spouse isn't working properly..." well, take a screwdriver to him and fix the problem!

Wait, did I just say that?
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