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As of today's count, together we have made 117 washcloths for the Women's Information Safe House on Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

I'm putting these pictures up very quickly and will update linkage and so on either later tonight or tomorrow, but you've all been very patient and deserve to see what your efforts have amounted to!

I have two cloth shopping bags completely full of cloths right now, and will make arrangements to get them down to WISH within the next few days.

Keep 'em coming! There are other shelters who need these too, and I think WISH can likely use more as well.

Rabbitch Cloth
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Here's the first washcloth, made by me. I have a couple more, somewhere in this disaster of a house, but as you can see, I'm the very smallest part of this project.

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Here are seven washcloths contributed by Dorothy.

Very fancy! Thanks, dude.

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Seven cloths from Becky.

Thank you!

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2 washcloths from Adrielle in Vancouver.

I met Adrielle on the epic road trip to see Her Harlotness in Victoria earlier this year.

Thanks! I didn't even know you were reading this blog.

I have pictures of all of the others and they're on Flickr right now. I'll get them up here on the blog tomorrow, along with fixed-up linkage and all. I'm stealth-blogging from work right now and with the atmosphere around here ... well, let's just say I'd rather do this at home, hmm?

(First day back after a week's vacation, and within the first hour and a half, almost all of that good relaxin' feeling is gone. Things have got to change around here, that's all I can say.)

Edited to add: Linkage fixed, names sorted out, and so on. More pictures coming shortly if I remembered to bring the list of who did what to work.

Hey! I have a bunch of washclothes for you, but I dont know when I can send them out x.x I am in the middle of moving and I am REALLY short on funds and sending a box to Canadia costs some. When is the latest I can send them out?
Wow! The blue, black and gray one from Dorothy has the same exact colors as the Dalek Dishcloths I made for a friend.

I think it's a sign from the universe that I need to get my butt in gear and make you a washcloth, or 2 or 3.

Do you have a deadline, or is this ongoing?
Sure doesn't take long for the relaxed feeling to wear off after a vacation, does it?!

I just put one measley washcloth in an envelope to ship out to you. I hope to do more, but this has been sitting in my house since you first mentioned the washcloths and I figure I should get it to you so someone can use it.

It's a good thing you're doing :-)
Glad you like them.

Last time I was working at a place like that, I had to quit or deal with a lot of bald people. It's really hard not to snatch the hair off of an idiot who is pissing you off.
I may never be able to go back! Have to, but don't have to like it.
Careful you don't accidenally kill someone, I think it's against most companies' policies. Maybe I should start mailing mine?! You're getting quite the botique of cloths there!
How come everybody else's warshcloth is fancier than yours?

HAH! Just jerking yer chain.

Probably because I feel guilty that not even a good cause will convince me to knit a warshcloth.

Now I'm off to finish knitting my maxipad cozy.
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