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The Last of the Summer Wine

I'm on "vacation" from at least one of my jobs this week, which means I'm only working 24/7 instead of the usual double that. The three of us managed to slip under the radar on Monday and grab a few hours on the last day of the PNE.

A few highlights:

They're Staring At Us!
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These two little babies were just about the first animals we ran into. According to Mel they're Suri Alpacas -- the most expensive kind. Of course I fell in love with them.

Quick, Hide In Here
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I think they might have had a bit of a problem with their haircut. And truthfully, who wouldn't? They sort of look like ... well ... the closest thing I can think of would be Paris Hilton's Hasidic cousin or something. Dig the crazy sidelocks.

Anyhow, they found a handy bale of something to hide in and all was well.

I want two of them. Maybe ten. I really have to remember to marry for money next time.

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I told you there were ducks.

Apparently baby ducks don't have a great deal of shame when it comes to public drunkenness.

I'm pretty sure there were a few with at least part of their bodies actually in the water dish.

I want several of these, also.

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This was the view from the top of the ferris wheel. I don't think it was race day.

At least I hope it wasn't, because they were running in both directions on the track and most of them were actually just sort of trotting.

Maybe this was race day for the really old and confused horses.

One never knows.

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This was the view from the bottom of the ferris wheel.

I'm pretty sure I liked this one the best.

Even better than the fibre i bought.

Apparently I'm more bitter than I thought about Rhinebeck and brought home some Romney. And some Polworth. And maybe some alpaca.

Hands up who's surpised! Nobody?

Yup. Pretty much what I expected.

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We stayed all day, until it was night.

It came as a shock to me, but apparently it's difficult to be dignified when you're riding a giant white rabbit around in circles.

I would have gone around ten times if Eleanor hadn't thought the ride was "too lame".

Darned kid hit the rollercoaster twice, though.

before you ask, no i did not. i might have dropped the package of fibre.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Yes, but did you remain seated at all times? [g] And the alpaca--have you ever seen a pic of one that's been totally sheared? They leave 'em with only the fleece between their ears. You think yours looked funny? The other way, they look like perambulating Q-tips! Funniest damned thing you've ever seen. As these might say, oy gevalt. ;)

The horses...huh. They're being ponied, and the jockeys have their silks on...so unless you could see totally empty stands, that was probably the post parade on the way to load them in the gate for a race. I don't think they pony 'em or wear silks when they're just exercising or training. (Sorry. Way TMI. I'm a lifelong horse nut & ex rider. So my nostrils flare and I whinny at the thought of large, 1,000-lb. or so flighty animals of small brain whose first instincts are to dump you and run like hell when anything strange happens. Preferably stepping on you someplace vulnerable when they do so. I'm just weird that way.)
missy moo is quite the young lady.

thanks for sharing the pix.

PS - I'm not going to rhineback either.
Awfully cute kid you've got there. She must take after her father.

Glad you had a fun day playing. You deserve it.
I'd totally buy 2 of those llamas & a duck.. just so I could look out my back door and go " LLAMA LLAMA DUCK!!!" whenever the urge struck me. Though I guess I could do that now without the livestock considering the neighbors already think I'm sort of whacked. (shut up)
Sounds like a fun weekend.

I'm with you on the roller coasters though. We had our own daytrip this weekend and hubbo convinced me to get on one of those rides that drops you (not the bungee cord type - the type where you are strapped into a seat). My 4yo enjoyed it more than me. The odds were even if I was going to cry or, well, something more embarassing. Thankfully, I did neither.
"Maybe this was race day for the really old and confused horses."

You have such a way with words! Looks like a great day!
Eleanor only rode the roller coaster twice? (so proud of her!)
Looks like it was a great day, glad you could squeeze it in.
Looks like a really fun day.

I'm with you on the roller coaster - NO WAY! I get sick on the tea cups; I think the roller coaster would kill me.
No you did not what?

I'm so dense this morning. :)
But how many bags of Tom Thumb donuts did you eat? That's what we really want to know.

My Thoroughbred would do really well in a race for the "old and confused". He only wants to go in reverse.

I miss the PNE. :(
I think the alpaca on the right actually is Paris. Yeah, hard to keep the dignity on a white rabbit but if the kids (assuming your older one is your kid too ;) had fun, that's all that counts. Especially when you score some roving. I'd milk that one a little further, you want be sure all that anger gets out of your system.
Silly camelid people. Can't they shave an animal right? First dignity pants, now sidelocks. Next year the llamas are getting completely naked if I have to buy them EACH a bottle of wine to make it happen.

Carol is right, I think you might need further therapy. What might you have bought IF you'd gone? Buy some of those. I'm not going to Rhinebeck, either, but since I'm going to SAFF, people are telling me to shut up. I'm already planning my trip to Rhinebeck next year, though.
Awesome picture of you and bunniness! I'm so jealous.
I think you should have taken the giant bunny home.
I'm not going to Rhinebeck either. I already have Oregon Flock N Fiber, chorus tour, and a knitgathering to host in my schedule for the fall.

Duckies!! And a very fun pic of the hub and Missy Moo.

My verification word is myxowurw. Sounds like what you say after riding the roller coaster.
Those two suris look like the llama from The Emperor's New Groove. He had that haircut too. Maybe sometime this year I will get to watch a grown-up movie.
Carousels, fibre, alpacas and ducklings? Send that fair this way would you? Cute pics.

I don't do roller coasters. Neither does the Mr. We have already determined that if we want to go to Disney World with Girly we will have to bring someone to hit the coasters with her.
Oh No not the Llama Llama Duck thing! That always goes through my head at the most inconvenient moments. Love the title by the way, I live near where The Last Of The Summer Wine was filmed
Apparently baby ducks don't have a great deal of shame when it comes to public drunkenness. Yeah, not like some rabbits I know.

And wait, you went to a fair and came back with wool? I was hoping to buy some at the Calif. State Fair last weekend, but all we got was a handful of llama fur picked up from the floor.

I have a friend who breeds Alpacas. He tells me they are very civilised - "they only spit among themselves". You have to have some.
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