Sunday, September 02, 2007


The Moth of Khan

Oh god, yesterday I found the fibre fanatic's biggest nightmare.


I went into the roving cupboard to get something to take to work and spin and there were moths in the llama.

Nowhere else, and believe me, I checked compulsively ... but MOTHS

I packed it into two other bags and shoved it in the freezer and we'll know in a couple of days if it's ok.

But oh FSM, I thought I was gonna die.

Pray for me. And for the llama.

praying. . .
Freeze moth!
i don't spin, so there may well be reasons, unknown to me, for not zipping roving into those ginormous bags before they enter the house so that any mothermoths that hatch are quarantined. not knowing those reasons, i'd probably bag the stuff.

i bag all wool and wool-blend yarns in the long, skinny plastic bags my newspapers are delivered in, and so far (knock formica) have had no problems. the stash is less pretty, but the bags are clear enough that i can distinguish between any two colors but black and navy. and i tie the bags for easy opening. it's also easy to stand the bags in a basket or store them on their sides to age like fine wine.

good that you had adequate freezer space. i'd have to toss a potload of healthy choice dinners overboard if mothbastards invaded.

good luck to you and your stash!

ellen in indy

p.s.: i freeze every bag of flour or box of pasta that comes into this house for the same reason. we once had pantry moths and larvae galore. the latter, inspired by "the lion king," were referred to as "the little cream-filled kind."

and yes, cookies also contain flour but go unfrozen because they never go uneaten for long enough that anything could hatch!.
Holy crap! Many prayers going your way!!!!
I'm lighting a candle for you right now! It's the citronella kind so maybe it will scare away the moths as well as the mosquitos...

Good luck!
I came here after hearing about it on CNN: Hapless moth invades Canadian fibre fanatic's stash; film at 11 (caution: may not be suitable for children). Good luck!
Oh holy and furious...will continue...ack!
Ew. I'm praying to FSM for your right now that there are no more moths.
ACK! And holy shite! Praying fervently.
i didn't know moths ate llama! crap!
Hope the buggers freeze their fibre eating mouths off.
YIKES! Praying for you and most especially for the llama!
This sucks. I've been dealing with moths for over a year and I find that a combination of compulsively checking everything over and storing stuff in cotton zip pillowcases has really helped keep the critters from destroying my yarn.
My old friend says Irish Spring soap works great for her, its cheap and smelly, I am praying for you...and for me to remember to send those damn dish clothes...
If it fails, put the bag in the car and push the car into a sunny (don't laugh) spot. Let simmer for a few days.

May the vile cankerous creatures begone!
I was hoping to leave an encouraging note.. along the lines of smiting your enemies.. and found this biblical curse generator which suggests:

"Hear this, O thou plaything of Beelzebub, for you will see your pomegranates wither"

or my personal favorite "Last time you'll see the light of day BIIIAAATCH" as you stuff them into subzero temperatures.

Good luck, and whiskey thoughts.
AAAHHHhhhhhhh!!! No, no no! I think it's a sign that I need to stop putting off reorganizing/repackaging my stash. Praying--for you and for me!
ok, not only is your blog the funniest thing I've read in a while, your comments are a HOOT! Thanks, Jelaina, for the biblical curse generator. Saved for future use. And about your moths?
Hope this tale has a happy ending.
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