Thursday, September 27, 2007


Didja Miss Me?

I'm still here, just surprisingly quiet. Working, spinning, knitting, dyeing wool, and collecting the occasional soul.

I've been getting lots done and Ben's taken a sudden interest in things of a wooly persuasion (no, that doesn't mean he's dating a sheep) and there should be a store update shortly, now that the boy is helping me.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I've been hoarding. This is actually slightly greener, I shall take a better photo.

And yes, there is cashmere involved. Some baby alpaca and merino, too.

No, you may not eat it.

can i lick it? i promise, no teeth involved.
warm, fibery goodness.

yummy, yummy, yummy -- it's too nice for the tummy!

glad to see that not everything sux in assweaseldom these days.

ellen in indy
It really does look good enough to eat, but Ellen is right; it's too nice for the tummy!
I suppose there'd also be the risk of fur balls...a waste of such loverly stuff. OK, no eating.
Can I roll in it nekkid?
*licks screen* fine.. be that way.
meow, prrrrrrrrrrrr

I feel better already :)
Ooooh... I want some of THAT... That's my idea of some beautiful yarn (wipes drool off keyboard).
Not only is it too beautiful to eat, it may even be too beautiful to knit -- I would just want to squeeze it an pet it.
Janna just had to say that. Now I want to call it George. And I've never even read the damned book!

I vote for rolling around nekkid in it, since I definitely can't afford to buy cashmere. Would that make it "used"? Whatever, it looks delicious!
I would like to send some dish cloths but I live in Oklahoma and I don't know a darn thing about sending things to canada. Any tips or is there a US collection spot for dish cloths?


Oh, that's really beautiful.... yummy =)
Yes I missed you.
And no, you shall not have my soul.
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