Thursday, September 20, 2007


Endless Excitement

Or maybe the other thing.

Truly, the most exciting thing that's happened in the last couple of days (apart from having my legs cut off with a light sabre) has been the fact that I got three loads of laundry done today. Oh, and we need three new lightbulbs in the dining room fixture and the llama is out of the freezer again. It'll go back in for the third and final freeze next Sunday, the 30th.

(the highlight last week was that we have a working furnace again -- it's all excitement, all the time, chez lapin.)

However there is some excitement out there. Ann's drive for Mittnz for the Res is almost over -- you have about another ten days, I think! I can't even knit and I knat an entire wrister last night. Bet you could churn out a pair or two if you put your mind to it.

And now to try to finish the Irish Hiking Scarf That Hates Me.

Thanks for the Shout Out, Janice!
Sounds about as exciting as here, cept I don't have llama in the freezer. I suppose now is a good time to have the furnace working ;) Our idea of heating the place is turning off the AC.
I think that Irish Hiking Scarf is just crotchety. It's not personal. I think it hates me, too, anyawy.
The danger of reading blogs before being fully awake is that one can think one is reading "Bet you could *chum* out a pair or two". I can knit, but I so bet that I can't chum out a pair, even without a deadline.

I'm sorry to inform you, Ms. Rabbtich, that your grammar is not only improper, it is insulting to fine grammarians everywhere.

OR is "knat" a Canadian-ebonics thing?

If so, my sincerest apologies.
"...three new lightbulbs...and the llama is out of the freezer again..." had me do a momentary double take until I rememberd The Moth Incident.
At this moment in my life, I'd really enjoy that level of excitement. I think I could handle having more than one load of clean laundry at a time.

The Irish Hiking Scarf is on my list of things-to-knit. Is it evil?
Yay, for furnaces! And congrats on the knatted wrister -- that's some fast work. What *is* the Irish Hiking Scarf? (If it causes suffering, it sounds like my kind of project; knitting as sadistic tendency.)
I guess I'm easy to please but I always find clean laundry exciting. And a working furnace too, wooo!
My exciting weekend will be: The porch lamp has bit the dust so we need to wire up a new one. Huzzah! Much happy and well sleeping to you!
Given the nature of your "excitement" lately, this sounds like a good thing. Rock on with your working furnace and clean laundry!
And sleep. Don't forget some sleep.

Even though I knew it was llama fleece you were talking about, I still had a moment's startlement as I wondered when you'd taken up marketing fine cuts of premium llama as a sideline...

(And now I have to apologize for grossing everyone out about cute fuzzy llamas being-- Uh. You know. No, I don't want to eat them, it's just my brain is weird, ok? [g])
I've posted a pic of the sockyarn... it's all yours if you still want it!!
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