Monday, June 23, 2008



Uh, I'm still here, I've just had an utterly insane couple of weeks.

Quick update; something more substantial (maybe with pictures!) later this week.

1. My mother is doing well, I think she'll live to be 100 (just to spite me). Thank you so much for all of the good wishes.

2. I did the fibrefest yesterday and it was good. If you measure the expenses against the sales, I lost, and badly. However, many of the expenses were for things I'll use many many more times (my very own event tent, shelving units, a table and so on) so I didn't lose at all, and I got to spend much of the day amongst my people.

x. You can get WAY more into a car than you think you can.

pi. Bacon is still my best friend. Apart from Ann, who likely has nothing to do with bacon at all. Except maybe eating it. shut up.

Life is pretty damned good right now, but I need to go now and do that thing that mortals do. I think it's called sleep.

A real update (now with pictures! Did I mention the pictures!?) is coming. Really. Maybe even pictures of my new yarnz.

Oh and PS, if you've tried to contact me via Ravelry, I haven't logged in for more than a minute or two in the last two months ... try emailing to teh dot bunnei at gmail dot com.

The dots and ats thing is to fool the spambots. The "teh.bunnei" thing isn't a typo.

Now bed. Really. No really, right now ...

Hurray for pictures! I hope the shoulderette looked okay. :D
Hurray for pictures! I hope the shoulderette looked okay. :D
Business expenses always pay off in the long run. And it's my understanding that throwing the money back into a business is standard practice at first. It's an "investment," really...

Glad to hear that your mom is doing well. Now you have to go rest so you can live to be 100!
**Life is pretty damned good right now**

It's good to finally "hear" you say that.
And she's back!
I hope the sleep-thing is going well.
Looking forward to the pictures.
Go sleep, child! I'm glad to hear both about your mother and the fibre show -- capital investments are, I hear, The Thing To Do. Can't wait to see the pictures when you've recovered a bit :)
I'm excited to see pix too - and you know that sleep thing? I wish I could learn to do without it altogether; at my Advanced Age it seems a monumental waste of time. I would also like to learn to read one book with each eye. And play the concert harp. (*My* mom used to say "Jews don't play harps". Huhn?)
re: x. You can get WAY more into a car than you think you can.

My husband has become an expert in packing our car for shows. When we got back from our first show, he packed and unpacked the car to figure out exactly how to best pack the thing.
Are you still sleeping? You must be busier than a bunny! Glad everything's going well.
Yo. Either you really ARE still sleeping, you're working up a storm,'re in the Tour de Fleece. I'm guessing it's working or Tour.
Makes me wish I had a wheel and knew how to spin!
Oh. Wait. Surely it's NOT the hamster flinging again...
This is just the typed version of poking you with a stick to see if you're dead... though I certainly hope that no one is injured/ill/mentally unhinged (okay, I'll grant you that one) and just hoping you'll let the blogging community at large see a few respirations over here... this place where you used to rant and make funnies. Missing that good, ranty behavior. C
Now its getting a little freakish, even I am getting a little worried, hoping you are just incredibly busy with orders abounding...sending good thoughts
Come out, come out whereever you are? We miss your rants and insanity. Is everything ok?
poke poke poke. You OK? I hope the fleece has got you and not the balck hole.
Are you ok? We MISS you! Come home, all is forgiven!
::very small quiet voice:: Rabbitch?? You OK?
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