Thursday, June 12, 2008


If It Ever Seems ...

... like a good idea to you to stand up and skein something like 5,000 yards of fingering weight yarn on a niddy noddy (in several skeins) in one evening ...

Trust me, it's not.

I'm getting ready for the fest. There are kits coming and they'll rock. But man, do I ever love whoever invented ibuprofen.

And no, it's not actually a lot easier on a swift. A little faster but it still breaks your back. The minute Mr. Assmuppet's tax return arrives I'm buying me one of them electric skein winding thingies.

I think I need that even more than I need new shoes.


ps mum is home and doing well, thank you all for the good wishes. and the best thing about it is that she's in her home, not mine.

That's what kids are for, isn't it?
At least for the first couple of skeins.
A friend of mine bought a skein of laceweight at an LYS and the clerk said, "Would you like me to wind that for you?" He said, Yes, so she proceeded to work on over 1000 yards of cobweb laceweight on a ballwinder. I told him tip her because that's a real armbuster. I feel for you doing 5K on a niddy.

Moral Turpitude's on the Joy. Yum!
I'm sore after only 15 skeins, using a swift! Thinking healing energy atcha.
It is sooo great to have mom at home (hers) ;-) Nice to hear she's OK! Hey, do I owe you money?
I always thought it was better in The Home. Not yours, not hers, THE.

I have a Will Taylor skeiner en route - I can't WAIT! It is hand powered (can't afford electric just yet), but will still be infinitely better than the hard slogging methods I've been using to date.

PS - did you know that Bloglines seems to be ignoring your feed of late?
Glad your mom is in her home. You need to grab a skein winder and hook it up to a power drill. Husbeast did that here, it was GREAT!
Hey! Bloglines hasn't been feeding you lately (apparently not me, either)! I'm glad to hear that your mum's doing better -- that's great news (as is the locale for her recovery) :) And congrats on scoring a table at the fest! Go, Fibre Maven, go!

(OK, I'm seeing that I've used up my weekly quota of exclamation marks there, but since I haven't been able to comment on the last week's worth of posts, I figure that's fair.)
Electric skein winder thingies sound good. Sorry about your back! And neck, I'm guessing.

Glad you're mom's better. And in her own home. This is also good.
Yikes...Bloglines certainly dropped the ball this time. I've missed oodles! I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing well. Never fun to have a parent in the hospital.

I have an antique skein winder that I found on ebay a few years ago. Not electric, but it saves my life! And I don't skein half of what you do. I'd say a good winder is certainly something you need!!
I'm glad to hear your mom is at home (especially since she's at hers and not yours). I'd have to kill my mom if she had to come stay with me :-)
Yay! Glad to hear your mum's out! Cake for everyone.
I hope things are going well for you and your mom with your various and sundry ailments. Your posts always make me laugh (and snort,snigger, guffaw) and your energy always makes me tired. I miss you.
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