Thursday, June 05, 2008


Going in the Car, Car

I'm going in the car, car
'Cause it isn't very far, far
I'm going to the fest, fest
And it's gonna be the best, best

Everybody sing!

A friend of mine recently asked if I was going to go to the Knit-Out and Fest in Victoria on the 22nd. I said no, I hadn't even been aware of the passage of time and that it was coming up so soon. I'd seen no advertising (mostly because I'm being a hermit these days) and hadn't even thought to bookmark it.

So I wrote to the organizer and said "dude, can I get on the list for updates for next year, seeing I've missed the deadline for this one?"

She wrote back and said "oh, you can still have a table, the deadline was just for sponsors."

I wrote back and said something along the lines of "Eek! Short timing! I couldn't possibly do it and also too I'm working full-time right now."

And then of course I said I'd take a table and immediately launched into full-scale crisis-management mode. Apparently I'm good at that. I thrive on chaos. No wonder Stephanie and I think that Kali is an appropriate name for me (Janice just still isn't working).

I've lined up a shitpile of good stuff -- some kits, some soap (seriously dudes, you want this ... if I'm not allergic to it, nobody is), some other thangs. There's roving in the oven right now. Seacell in "Tequila Sunrise" and if you have quite a lot of cash (like $8 an ounce) and don't value your vision you'll love it (magenta, orange, gold, you get the idea). I believe I'll be carrying some lines from other vendors also who won't be able to make it that day.

There's a dyed purple lamb batt for felting or spinning, a whole heap of sock yarn (and maybe even too some Revenge if you're lucky) and god knows what else.

So ... you going? If so, apparently I'll see you there.

Janice doesn't work for you because it has "nice" in it.

*kiss, kiss*
You're holdin' out on me sistah! SEAcell? In ORANGE and...? And you're takin' it to a fiber fest where I can't go? So I don't get a crack at it? This is soooo not right.

Kali? I live in a Kali power spot and not quite. How about Durga, another aspect of herself?
oh mannnnn, usually your posts make me wet my pants and/or spray beer/water/wine/etc on the monitor. Now the description of the seacell has me drooling. You are definitely not a JaNICE.

Your posts always make me smile and laugh (I don't read them at work in order to avoid strange looks from my colleagues). And today I felt under-smilely. Thank you. Smilier now. Just needed to tell you that. ~x~
AWESOME! As an islander, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your handiwork in person! Off to organize the wool room for the new stash from Rabbitch.....
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