Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If You Are Freaked Out By Snakes ...

... Today's post would be a good one to skip.

No really. It would.

I'm trying to put lots of paragraphs and line returns and so on in here so that if you're scared of snakes or find them repulsive you don't have to gaze upon the new love of my life.

Run away.

Look away now.

Is that enough room?

If not then oh well, you'll have to look at a snake.

And like it, bitch.

Oops, was that my outside voice?

And now, here, we have the picture of my little (well, almost four feet, but still little) dude.

Oh look, you're safe, I can't post photos, only links.

Flickr is being a complete and utter bitch today so I don't know if this is going to work but I'll try ...


There, can you see him? Is he gorgeous?

Like I said, Flickr has something seriously wacked going on with it right now so I can only post links, but here's the dude climbing the skanky tiled wall of my bathtub. I'm still not quite sure how he did that, but apparently that's how he rolls.

Of course, we're careful with him. He's a vicious wild animal. Vicious I tell you.


If you don't hear from us for a while, assume he's eaten us. About an ounce at a time.

I am absolutely freaked out by snakes but I kept reading (thankful for your links instead of posted pics).

I'm sooo glad I already showered today.
What a pretty snake! I like snakes, they're awesome.
He is cute. From afar. I don't know if I could handle a snake in my house (especially one that likes to scale the bathroom wall - I may never take a shower again) - but he looks very happy with you.
He's gorgeous! I love that picture with Missy Moo -- I can see why you're all in love :)
long time lurker.

He IS beautiful. You have a wonderful pet. And yes, they DO like to curl up with you, after they get to know you and understand that you will not hurt them.

I had snakes for many years when I was younger. Your pix makes me miss them a little, but also remember how much fun they were and how much I loved them...

The links worked, and he is BEAUTIMOUS! I can't recognize him (all's I know are our local little garters) but he IS a wonderful, colorful guy. Does he live ordinarily in a terrarium? (or wear a little collar and bell and roam the house, sleeping on a damp sponge in the sunshine?) I, for one, like him VERY much. (He looks like a mealie-bug-itarian, yes?) Mazel Tov! Whatisname, then?
wow that tile and pink tub are stunning. Ours is yellow (tub, toilet, sink) and white with tan tile. Equally stunningly skanky. Though I'm allergic to baby pink - just wow.

the snake is cute ;)
OK, while I am not a fan of snakes, I had to look. He is gorgeous - what breed is he? Does he like to swim in the tub?
Oooh.. he's /gorgeous/! I love corns, they are such beautiful snakes. Beautiful colouring, beautiful temperment. I'd love to get one myself, perhaps after the turtle leaves our life.
Aw, he's sweet! I want to pet his head. I think you should make a yarn to match him.
sssssso cute!
He's purty.
He's BEAUTIFUL! My son will be envious.
Great zeus. I would have pooped my pants if I'd seen that, and I'm not especially afraid of snakes.

But snakes in a bathroom??? Another thing ENTIRELY.
Wow, that shut everybody up, didn't it?
I think he's simply gorgeous. What's his name?
He's pretty! Love that he can climb slick walls with a single slither.
What kind is he and what is his name?
Beautiful! I love corn snakes. Of course, I've been called odd once or twice.
He's very pretty. What type of snake is he? I've only ever had garter snakes.
I like snakes and he's Very Handsome! It warms my heart seeing E grinning at the little dude.
That's wonderful! What sort of snake is it?
He's lovely! Tell me, does he poop every time you put him in the bathtub? Mine always did - and I always forgot so it was a surprise every time!
Definitely not a garter snake, which is the extent of my herpetological expertise.
Love snakes. Love him. Love the entry.
He's very pretty - but MUCH longer than I had imagined. I hope you have him for a long and happy time.
I like snakes, and used to have a stupid boa constrictor...stupid because after his mouse bit him, and was subdued and eaten, I tried to examine the bite, and the dumb snack confused my finger with mouse. It bled a LOT (anticoagulant in saliva, vet said!). a 2 ft snake is scary looking when lunging at YOU with fangs out!

Do you wear your snake? I used to wear Chris to work as a bracelet.

I got rid of him when preg, as I didn't want something big enough to eat a baby in the house, unlikely as that would be...I could have one, now, though...
I'm not afraid of snakes but my husband is! He actually squealed like a girly-girl once when he thought a snake was in a drain in our outside stairwell (it was a salamander poking it's head out of the drain).
"Just fancy being afraid of such a dear, coaxingly, clingingly affectionate creature as a snake!"
beautiful snake! I am not freaked out by snakes.

on the other hand...bees & wasps...THAT is scary!
Oooooh! He's gorgeous! One of my daughters wanted a corn snake she saw at the pet store...her daddy said...well, he said...ahem.

He said 'no.'

Only he used a lot more words.
Yay, I love snakes!! What kind is he? Alas, I will have to love snakes vicriously through you, since my husband is terrified of them and would never consent to having one in the house, no matter how beautiful.
Oh my gosh he is so cute! I love the picture of him crawling up the bathtub wall. He can so take a bath with me!
Aw, what a cute corn! I keep thinking I'd like 1 (or 25, or 50, gotta collect all those pretty colors) but 4 other snakes are enough right now. Good luck with him!
Hee! What a cutie!
I'd have one except for the furries that would think it was a playtoy that needs just a little seasoning before being devoured. I did have a garter snake for a while. It lived on the slugs I'd bring in from the yard. Funniest thing was the look on my cats' faces when they smelled his shed skin. "WTF????"

I seem to have read that this is Boris the Corn Snake. Right oh Miz Bunneh?
i live in indiana, where basketball is practically the state religion.

about 30 years ago, while i was the only "girl" on a newspaper copy desk full of macho men (several of them ww2 combat vets), a coworker's daughter brought in a grass snake she was using for demos at a summer day camp.

having previously petted a h-u-m-o-n-g-o-u-s python at a national wildlife federation summit, i had no fear of petting the cute lil snakey she'd brought in and then telling the guys, "aw, c'mon. pet it -- it feels just like a basketball."

none of them would even get close to it. score one for the "girl."
He is beautiful! When do we get to see the yarn colorway he inspired?
Even though I am not fond of snakes in person, I think he is a very beautiful snake when looking at pictures of him in your house. Why was he in the bathtub?
Love love love. What a beautiful fellow he is. Isn't it funny how people are either snake people or not, very little in between?
In the faux French of Jonathan Adler, "j'adorable." Is he good for keeping mice out of wool? If so, I might have a job for one of his relatives ....
Nice snake! I love his colors. My cousins had snakes and tarantulas as pets my whole childhood, and I really enjoyed playing with them.
Oooh, he's pretty!

How long will it take him to digest your daughter?
I have nothing against snakes, although, in the wild, I prefer to see them before they see me. Especially since we have so many rattlesnakes here. I don't have snakes as pets because I can't stand to feed them mice, which I like too. But enjoy your lovely corn snake, they are very attractive.

Vicki in So. Cal.
Hey, is that a corn snake? It looks like my daughters ,except hers is very orange, sort of like creamsicle colors. I didn;t know they liked water or could swim; didi you put him in the tub with the water or did he make his own way in there?
I didn't expect to find him attractive, but I was SO wrong! He's beautiful!

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