Monday, October 08, 2007


Oh, What Fun!

Oh my dear sweet imaginary Baby Jesus, I had completely forgotten how much fun it could be to ... well, you know. Have fun.

Saturday night a friend took our daughter overnight. We had thought we weren't going to be able to get anyone and were thinking we'd ask the girl next door to watch her for an hour while we went out for one beer, but at the last minute someone came through. The let-down followed by the sudden realization that we actually could go out and have some fun made it doubly ... um ... fun. Have I said "fun" enough yet?

No, I didn't think so.

We discovered that both of us had been hiding away little bits of money for the last month in anticipation of this event (we're so cute, it'd make you puke) so we had enough loot for both dinner and likker. We went to The Maplewood, which had just reopened after a two-week renovation. While the menu was limited, the food that they did have was very good. Ben had a burger and fries, I had a clubhouse sandwich. The fries were hot, the burger was great. The clubhouse sandwich was made entirely with cold ingredients, which sort of sucks ass, but they were fresh and tasty and there was lots of everything. This place has got to have the best fries in the universe.

We watched the hockey game and had a couple of beers while I knat in public (Palindrome, about 25% done now). Unfortunately, after the game was over, the music came on. The person who had installed the sound system was obviously a little too fond of the crack and also too maybe tone deaf. It was horrible.

I'm not going all old-fogey on you here, the music itself was just fine, but the static was insane.

We grabbed our beers and went downstairs where it wasn't quite so bad. We were going to stay and have another couple but some bright spark had decided for some unknown reason to install two flashing lights above the bar on the back wall, one green and one a fairly bright yellow. My eyes are quite photosensitive and after about five minutes of sitting hunched over, cupping my hand over my eyes so I didn't actually have to be in pain, we paid up and left. We were going to go to one of the other two pubs in walking distance but the night was cold and rainy and we just didn't feel like wandering about for the sake of spending money. The house was nearby, there was beer in the fridge and movies for the DVD player so we headed on back to the ranch.

Once settled in somewhere that we didn't have to go deaf and blind in the name of savouring a cold beverage or two, we popped Diabolique into the player and sat back to enjoy it. The movie itself was nothing spectacular -- sort of like Fatal Attraction, but without so much Fatal. Or Attraction. Or Michael Douglas's jiggly bum. The best line of the entire movie came from Ben, who said to me "Please promise me if you ever find Isabelle Adjani having a heart attack on the bathroom floor, that you'll at least call the paramedics before you sit on her face." Apparently the boy has me pegged.

I promised that I would.

We then watched Clerks, which I had bought Ben a couple of years back. We'd seen it before, but it had lost none of its tasteless, low-budget appeal.

A good time was had by all, and even the massive lack of sleep didn't make Sunday's graveyard shift particularly painful. I was off work again tonight (yes, two in one week! *gasp*) so with the money we saved by cutting our evening short at the Maplewood, I went out and bought T-bones (I hardly ever eat steak but it seemed appropriate), giant potatoes, some peas and a bottle (tetra-pak, actually) of French Rabbit. I'm exceptionally fond of the Pinot Noir (that's what I use to baste my ass) but they didn't have any so we made do with a Cabernet Sauvignon, which is almost as tasty.

I'm back to work tomorrow with another hectic month coming up. I work five days, get one off, then work two more and then I think it may be off to Seattle to see Laurie turn red and stutter and sweat and talk and talk and talk (gotta love those Southern girls) while talking about her new book.

Oh yes, and tomorrow I ship out my first (and last, for a while -- I don't have the time or resources for a lot of production dyeing) wholesale order to The Sweet Sheep. She should have it listed in the store in the next week or two (I don't know how long it takes to do these things) unless she hates it all and returns it, demanding a refund. She ordered fibre that I don't sell in my store, 70% merino/30% nylon, so if you like that combo, rush on over with your ill-gotten gains in hand -- there will be 40 skeins available in colours from the sedate "No Mean Feets" and "Black Watch" to some "Fiesta", "Creamsicle" and "Parrot" and some other really bright stuff (magenta to fuschia to yellow/gold) that I'm trying to think of a name for.

And now ... off to dye more stuff for my store. I promise an update as soon as Ben gets off his ass. There will be Christmas cards available for purchase shortly also.

Stay tuned for the commencement of the Holiday Knitting Frenzy. Now with wine!

FRIST! No, seriously, glad you've been having a good time, and that it involved Clerks (just never watch Clerks II, that's all: a night wasted). I hope you get to Seattle to hear Laurie, because I want to read your description of that.
Magenta with gold sounds like school uniform colours - isn't it a sort of bright Gryffindor?
Wowsa - Two days?! The Apocalypse may be approaching, but hooray, you had some fun! It's about damned time. Second the motion hoping you get to Seattle; I'd love to read your description of Laurie's talk too! (Speaking of talks - don't hit me if you've successfully repressed the occasion - did you give your talk re fiber yet?)

Hope you actually made it for lasagna...or at least got good leftovers!
I lerve "french rabbit" wine!

one of my SnB members has 4 house rabbits, and always brings that wine to our "sip-n-knit" events.

I received laurie's book for my anniversary - can't wait to read it!
Ms. Bunny, When I go to look for your lovely stuff at the shop, what company name (if other than Rabbitch) do I need to know? Also, thought this might amuse you -- I started giving your name the eastern French accent, so that Rabbitch rhymed with the Italian "capisce?" and that's degenerated into Robby. . .in case you needed any new aliases. (Hi, Anne Marie)
Ooh! A real date! What fun :) (I can't think of the last time we did one of those.) I'm glad y'all made it through without any strobe-light-induced seizures, and that a good time was had by all.
If you make it to see Laurie, I may see you there. That is, I plan to be there unless the knitting class I'm signed up for on Bainbridge proves too much for me or the ferries back stop running.
well, crap, I'm coming to Tacoma for a conference next week but have to be at an actual meeting Wednesday night!
Oh, damn, you get to see Laurie!? I am so jealous. And I also would like to know under what name we would look for your yarn over there at Sweet Shop?
So did you score?
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