Saturday, September 15, 2007


Washcloths. Again.

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I'm doing the 18-hour work thingie today and I'm pretty close to bagged, so I'm jamming out on the posting and hoping that I can placate you with views of more pretty washcloths.

These are from Lisa. Thank you!

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These are lovely silky little cloths from Marina in Oregon -- all lacy and such.

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Barb in Victoria sent these two cloths plus a bunch of little shampoos which I'm sure will be gratefully received.

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Although I've clearly come to terms with the camera, more or less, every now and again I have a brain fart.

Apparently this was one of those times. I have no idea what happened here.

These five cloths are from Jessica in Beverley Hills. They're lovely ... and I certainly hope you bought stock in whatever company manufactures the tape you used to seal the box! (There were knives and cussing involved in the opening of this box).

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These three washcloths are from Mrs. Quimby.

I had the honour of getting to watch her make most of one while watching her husband be a rock star.

She was knitting yellow yarn on yellow needles, while drinking beer and after drinking tequila.

She's my kinda gal.

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And here's the other 12 cloths from Ann.

Several have pretty designs, and one is even heart-shaped!

Thank you so much, again.

That brings the total of cloths that I've posted to 75. Yes, there are another 42 already photographed, plus whatever's in the envelope that I picked up at my PO box yesterday. At least I think it was yesterday ... time's running together a little bit right now.

But never fear! Hubby is on the way back here with some sort of lunch (California roll and some tempura, I do believe) and he's making dinner tonight. There may well be some of that pinot noir that I seem to like marinating my butt in, as well.

I promise I'll post if I end up with any country-shaped bruises anywhere on me.

Was that after the tequila? It's a bit of a blur....
I am not placated. I want a drunken rant.
Sounds like my kind of knitting!
One tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor.
You seem rather quiet, I vote for some time off and wine for you:)
There's nothing like marinating in good pinot noir (or, hell, even not-so-good pinot noir) to make things better. Enjoy!
He got lunch, is making dinner and there will be wine?! Wow!
Hey, my dear, do you have a "deadline" by which you want these face cloths? I have one almost done, but not sure if I should send it along when done or wait to see if I get more done ...

But if wine goes well with these, I'm game for trying ...
Boobage! We want boobage!

Oh, and um, 1 washcloth is on its way.
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