Thursday, May 24, 2007


Psst! Hey You!

Bet you thought I hadn't been knitting at all, what with all of this working and coffeeing and filthy commerce I've been indulging in, didn't you?


As well as the magnificent washcloth I made for Jayne, I've been working on Kiri. Remember Kiri? The Kiri that I so proudly boasted that I could knit, drunk, in 16 days?

The Kiri I didn't manage to finish?

Well, the best-laid plans and all of that. But I've recovered from the shame of yet another unmet goal and have picked up the challenge (and the lace) again. I'm up to row 126, so I have either one and a half or two and a half repeats left to go until the edging, depending on how the yarn holds out.

According to Ann's calculations, this shawl is going to be something like nine feet wide by the time I'm done. I think perhaps the math and I are having a difference of opinion again. Let's hope it's a little smaller than that.

No progress pix tonight as I'm stealth-blogging, however I'll try for one tomorrow. Seems that The Fastest Knitter in the Universe is making one of these things too. I'll bet it don't take her no year and a half to finish.


Wow, nine feet wide! That's a testament to dedicated knitting, while knitting drunk or no. Can't wait to see pics! Nine feet, though. whew....
It seems like kiri's making the rounds again--I started kiri #2 in my own handspun 2 days ago. I'm pleased with it, especially since it's fighting off the waves of knitting....boredom, I guess. I have a couple of other projects in plain stockinette or garter. They're just leaving me uninspired right now, so kiri is growing.... ;)
Heh. If it's any consolation, I've barely knitted on my Kiri in the past few days.
It's planting time this weekend, so I will have to come in and cool off every now and then to check to see if you've posted a pic. Not that I don't believe you, about your progress, I mean.....uh, bye!
Well, personally, I'm all about your filthy commerce and your hysterical rantings. I read you for the funny, because I don't knit even a little bit. But I've coveted your fridge magnets since before they actually WERE fridge magnets (the images are beyond marvelous). So now I've managed to order some (with your excellent assistance) and I think it's OK if you knit for a while.
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