Wednesday, January 18, 2006


O-lymping Along

In the spirit of true knitters and bloggers of vast insanity, I have signed up for The Olympics, sponsored by Her Evilness. I will be knitting for Team Canada, wearing nothing but boxer shorts, a "Canada Eh" t-shirt I got from Hockey Mom and a beer hat (with straws). The hat is, of course, the most important part of the official uniform, as it will enable me to continue drinking without putting down the knitting.

The great need for alcohol during this project will be made clear as events unfold. I have never made lace before, and we have only sixteen days in which to complete this project (during which time I am working full time and attending two charity events) I have, of course, decided to make lace. Kiri, to be precise.

The complete destruction of this lovely pattern will be accomplished with the baby cashmere (alpaca/merino/cashmere) sent to me for my birthday. I am hoping at the end of all of this to be able to frog the remnants of the shawl sufficiently to reclaim this yarn.

And make dishcloths.

We who are about to fuck up lace, salute you. (I wonder what the Latin for that is?)

Between the two of us this will become the Drinking Olympics in rather short order.

I want sponsorship from Seagram's.

And why are your word verifications always bordering on the obscene?
Et tu fucke?

HAHAHAHAHA. I crack myself up. Please take a picture..please please please.
wow.. that shawl is intense. I feel as though I need a drink just looking at the pattern! Lace knitting with Crack Silk Haze.. I'm impressed (or maybe just frightened) I'll be on Team "Fuck-Up-Some-Lace" myself with either the Branching out scarf or Backyard Leaves from the Scarf Style book.
Hey...if you're going to fuck it up, fuck it up big time. I'll be fucking up Fair Isle, myself. Good luck to you.
Oh...fucking up lace sounds more exciting than fucking up fair isle. I might have to join the Lace Team.
You are killing me with laughter right now. I am going to do a dual event. Learn to continental knit AND fuck up lace. Ha!
De-lurking here to say that Kiri is a great lace pattern. You won't fuck it up, I'm quite sure.
I feel like a total underachiever here. I gotta get workin' on figuring out something really challenging...
I am just cracking up after reading this!!!
I'll be watching you from the USA cable knitting team. Love the outfit - just what I picture a canadian team knitter wearing........:) If you run out of beer, let me know and I'll ship you some BUD.
U.S. Steek Team member here. You lace knitters gots nothin' on us.

We strand and knit mahvelously patterned confections then cut the little f*ckers in half!

How's that for extreme knitting??
I love it when you paraphrase AC/DC.

PS - Road tripping to Portland (Oregon, not Maine, in case you were confused...) on the 4th of Feb for a bout, if you're interested :)
Jenifleur, she is going to great lengths to duck the sock issue.

And I'm blushing to even type the verification thingie today.
Great Deity, you ARE insane!

It's a lovely pattern. I don't think you'll fuck it up, but I've made lace and it's sl-o-o-ow.

16 days? For a lace shawl? You're certifiable.
I just ordered weird shit from Grafton Fibers to SPIN what I plan to fuck up for the olympics...

Rainbow. Grateful Dead, here I come. Dude, I am so certifiable it's scary.

Pass the very good wine, because it's going to take WAY more than cheap beer to properly fuck this up.

I think I'll tie my Qu├ębec flag on as a halter top.
I might be doing lace too for the KO. I was looking at Kiri, but haven't decided yet.

Love the idea of the beer knitting always seems to be interfering with my knitting!
I'm on Team Cable myself, but I must say I have nothing but respect for those of you tackling lace. Well, ok, and a little bit of pity. Where can I get a beer hat? I think I'm gonna need one (tho I'd plan to fill it with something a bit stonger)...
Kiri is doable in 16 days--I did it in about that length of time with lacewight on smaller needles adding a couple of repeats....but I'm certifiably off my rocker. And I was under the Christmas deadline. But it was blocked and packed, and well recieved! My KO challenge is to first design the pattern, then knit a shawl....I think I hear the men with the pretty white coats with the really long sleeves at the door.... And please keep in mind I've only been knitting a little over a year. So if I can do it, so can you!
I feel like I'm a bit of a slacker, but as I've mentioned before, pressure and me don't get along. So...I'll be cheering you all on from the sidelines. I'll be screaming something along the lines of:

"Go, Fuckers Go!"

Or should that be "Go Fucker-Upers, Go!"?

And Rabbitch.....Lace? Dude! BravO!
Sometimes Americans with other loyalties (or convieniently non-american parents) play for another nation's team. I'm going to knit the Estonian Garden lace wrap for the Olympics, but I want to be on the Canadian team - will you sponsor me? I think I know where I can get the hat.
you're the evil one because now I had to go and sign up. No yarn crack kidsilk for me, I'm gonna go for a linen stitch tailored jacket from knitscene. FOr which the pattern is written in different gauge than my yarn. Because I am a geek and love me some knitty maths. god i need a beer.
Ooh lace. You're a brave woman.
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