Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Just a quick update, seeing I'm at work. We got our bag back, complete with sketchbooks! It had been tossed out back of the townhouse complex where we live, and when I was telling my neighbour about the break-in I described the bag, and he had seen it.

I still have to get the window replaced (and I suspect that the insurance won't cover the three pencils and the felt-tipped pen *g*) but all is much calmer here Chez Lapin.

I'll write a longer post later, possibly including some fibery stuff (I got a new wheel at the show in Abbotsford in February!) and likely some foul language.


No, No foul language.... Very pleased we got the sketch book back. Now if we could just do a little damage to the moron who borrowed it....
I'm so glad you got the book back! I still fume when I think about the bag of clothes that was stolen from my car 25 years ago that included a hand-knit sweater I'd made.
yay, sketchbook! Probably the person dumped it when there wasn't an ipad or other computing device in the bag.
Hooray! Sketchbook is home!
I find I always am more upset about losing something of "only sentimental" value. So I use a bill-clip instead of a wallet and carry other things separately, spread costume jewelry around instead of keeping it on a single box, etc. That way if one item gets lost the rest is still there.
And hooray for the Kid, who is clearly an artist of great talent and has the right attitude.
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