Monday, August 06, 2012


Bella Aviva

Bella Aviva 003 by Rabbitch
Bella Aviva 003, a photo by Rabbitch on Flickr.

Y'all asked for a picture. I live to serve :) Here's my baby in all of her glory. I think she'd like some carrots now, please.

And she's beautiful! She deserves some carrots, certainly.
She is gorgeous! Congratulations!
Gorgeous! I need to pet her velvety nose now.
Gorgeous! She looks like she needs smooches on her nose.
Such a great face! I'd love to pet her, even tho I'm allergic:(
Ohhhh....she took my breath away. Lucky we're on opposite sides of the continent, 'cause I might have to fight you for her otherwise. No wonder you're in love.
She's beautiful. You did the right thing.
Oh, she's a cutie patootie! I love that you got a horse and are riding. I started four years ago at the age of 56 and am now riding every day but Sunday. No horse in my future, but I love all the ones I get to ride at the barn. Have a lot of fun with her, you lucky girl!! And give her a carrot, an apple, and a hug from me.
What a beauty!
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