Sunday, December 18, 2011


In The Halls of the Mountain King

That's where I've been. In the halls, the caves. Caverns.

Sorting shit out.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I was gnawing on rodents whilst in the caves. We will never again speak of this.

I've also been on Facebook an awful lot ... that thing is a drug, isn't it? I never expected it to suck me in so far that I couldn't write for three months though.

To the two or three people who are still reading me, I apologize.

I'm ok. The little black dog of depression bit me so hard that I went to bed for three days at one point, but I'm a mom and any mom who's worth her salt just gets back up and keeps on going, which is what I did.

I shut down my Etsy store for a while, because I couldn't deal with not really having a place to work (the dining room isn't such a great venue) and not having the time to keep the store stocked. I do have a ton of stuff ready to go and I'll be opening it up again in January. I've ditched the "Toe Jam" label and the new yarn will be called "I'm Burnin' For Ewe". There will be some of the same colourways and a few new ones that have presented themselves to me, as well as a repeat of some very old ones I found in my dyebook and want to do again. But, like I said, January ... the next few weeks will just be about my family.

Another thing I've been doing a lot of is going out to the forest and the beaches and taking photos. I'm really getting into photography and the link to my Flickr stream is in the last post. I have a great need to be alone and silent and witness beauty. I think some of those photos are worth looking at.

I promise I'll be posting more ... I just needed to fall down a bit and perhaps reinvent myself. To the folks who are still reading -- I appreciate it. Imma be more interesting shortly.

And Merry Christmas to you. Or Happy Holidays. Whatever works for you.

Your pictures are absolutely worth looking at, I particularly like "Archway." I have always loved the melancholy feel of forests in winter and that picture really captures that feeling.

Merry Christmas.
Have a great couple of weeks and get some rest, and some sunlight. (Every time I think about moving out there, I hear another story about the cost of living, the rain and the grey gloomy weather.)
Merry Christmas :)
Although I've been following some of the goings-on on Facebook too, I'm glad you're back to blogging, and that you're finding new ways to be and things to do. Missed you!
Good job taking time and space working through your depression. I'm rooting for you.
Nice to see you back. Perhaps you'll motivate me to post on mine. Have a wonderful few weeks with your family. See you on the evil Facebook.
Great to read you again. I'm looking forward to the shop re-opening.
Welcome back, was worried.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Welcome back. Looking forward to your new store. May 2012 be better for all of us. BIG HUGS!
Hey - glad to hear that you're still there, but sorry to hear about that black dog. I completely understand what you said about the mom thing; having had postpartum depression both times (and having had a doctor say to me, I didn't think it was that bad, you kept on getting out of bed - didn't know I had a choice, with a baby crying). You are right that outdoor solitude can be a huge healer. Hang in there, and enjoy your holidays with your wonderful family!
So glad to hear from you. Sorry about the black dog, I know it sucks. Happy Holidays and glad your okay.
Welcome back.

I missed you and am happy to hear that you are still above ground. Happy WinterHolidayofYourChoice(if any) to you & yours.
I'm glad you're back. Your photos are great. Don't stay away so long nest time.
Happy Holidays!
I'm still here & I've been enjoying your Flickr stream. I've been bit by the dragon myself, trying to dig out, pick up and move on. I'm glad you are coping.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Universal Festive Drinking Holiday! *toasts you*

Still here, happy you're here too, and yay photos and new posts!
Yay! I like the photos. I've left a few comments. Rest, enjoy life, get out in the light.
Photos are always good. I'm so glad the solstice is here tomorrow; happy holidays!
Love you honey.
I think that even your "falling down" is worth reading about, you fall so and we all fall sometime or another, but almost always in the long dark nights of winter...
Just incredibly glad to see you back. Loved the photos too, so now I'll be photo stalking you. ;)
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