Friday, August 26, 2011


And Whilst You Sit There ...

... with bated breath, waiting for me to actually tell a story instead of just post a teaser ...

I've updated my store quite a bit. Shipping is free for any orders placed up to and including midnight on Sunday. Take a peek, if you're interested. More yarn is going in later today (including some lace and a couple of skeins of heavy worsted).

And soon, my dears, soon ... you will get a real story. Maybe after I wash all of the freakin' dishes. My house has apparently been taken over by wolves or something.

Drat those wolves.

I think in my house it's wolverines.
I see you still have your priorities straight - yarn first, dishes later! It's good to hear from you.
at my house, the wolf-boy forgot to water the balcony garden for three days in a heat wave. so i sympathize.

it was fun meeting you and the youngun at ss11 (i was kathy's roomie), after reading your blog for a couple of years.
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