Monday, May 30, 2011



Random Acts of Kindness.

(I still have tons to talk about, but this is, yet again, a place-holder post so that you know I'm not dead. Yet.)

So when's the last time you did something nice for someone? For absolutely no reason?

I'm as guilty as the next rabbit of focusing on myself and my family.

I pay my bills, I do my work, I feed my family, bla bla bla. All important things but I often forget to do the "nice" things while taking care of the practical stuff that seems to dog me day and night.

So today I went out front of the house and wiped some bird shit off a total stranger's car.

That stuff's acidic and it'll eat your paint if you don't get it off quickly.

They'll never know who did it ... in fact they might be pissed off when they get outside to take the car to work and find wipe marks on their hood and bumper; some total jerk touched their car!

But I did it, and I may have helped save their paint job. I saved them from having to clean it off, themselves, if nothing else.

It cost me one glove (I always wear gloves when I'm doing something ooky) and about five squares of paper towel.

It doesn't cost a lot to help someone out.

So ... what are you going to do today? Pass it on :)

Good one! And I thought bringing our neighbor's garbage cans up the driveway was nice (it's a 700-foot driveway, so it's no joke, but neither is it bird poop) :) I am all for ROAKs!!

(BTW - are you going to Sock Summit this year? Maybe I'll see you there!)
How handy that you asked this today! At a bonfire gathering Sunday night my summertime cabin neighbor admired my fingerless gloves... so I gave them to her. (Not entirely selfless, though. That particular pair are standard 75/25 sock yarn and little itchy on my delicate paws, plus I have two more pairs at home. Still, I felt good doing it.)
I buy the coffee for the guy behind me in line at the drive through.
this may duplicate the previous, since blogger ate my comment-in-progress, but i always take grocery carts out of the handicap zone, put them away for little old ladies (i'm 66 and 5'2", but don't think of myself as old, little or ANY kind of lady), etc.

i'd do likewise for pregnant women and people w/babies and toddlers, but i don't seem to shop when they do.

yeah, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling (or a hot, sweaty one in today's 90s+ weather), but also lessens the risk of stray carts hitting the aging mom-mobile.
I was the recipient of a RAOK the other day...a lady in the vehicle ahead of me at Tim Horton's treated me. Nope, I have no idea who she was. Still makes my day!

Have I returned the favor? Not exactly, but I really do try to be extra nice to cashiers, I figure they need all the nice they can get!
I pay the flat rate $1.25 toll at the Cambridge toll booth. I'm sure this flabbergasts some Masshole driving on the MA Turnpike, and delights me when I get the chance a few times a month!
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