Thursday, March 31, 2011


Oh Holy Hoo-Has, Who Ate March??

Well hi there fibery fans. Apparently all of March has been and went and I had no clue that it was happening.

As usual.

(I started this post before midnight on March 31, so I'm still going to count it as a "March" post. Yes, I'm lying about it. It's my blog, and it's still March. Shut up.)

So I'm going to finish the story about Stitches, but not right now. I need to sleep; I've been dyeing up a storm and I'm bagged.

But I'll leave you with this teaser ... Indeed, I didn't get eaten by wolves, but I'll tell you -- by the time I got there I sure wished I had been.

Oh, I got to Stitches all righty. My yarn? Not so much.

More after I've slept.

o, hai, rabbitch. plz not to keep us in suspenz too long.
Oh, good! You're still alive, and weren't eaten by wolves in some Amtrak calamity! ;-)

(My verification word is inhat, which amuses me for some reason.)
Woohoo, a post! Will await further adventures, but not with bated breath, lest I turn blue and not from indigo.

My verification word is: inglecap,
which sounds like it ought to be a cozy sort of hat.
March, schmarch....April is the month for rabbits anyway. Glad you're still with us. "abaref" is my word....a bare what, now?
Y'know what might work: take photos of your stuff and if it doesn't arrive, show the photos and take orders...
The same thing that ate April - apparently ate March...

Hope you are well.
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