Saturday, February 05, 2011


OK, so it's not tomorrow

But apparently this is as close to "tomorrow" as I can get these days.

While I've been gone I've been doing a lot of photography. This is one of my favourites.

Dec 3 2010 dinghy
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

I don't own this boat, don't know who does and don't have any particular personal interest in it; I just happen to like boats and this photo makes me happy.

I'll bore y'all with endless photographs in the days to come (or, if you'd prefer you can go look at my Flickr stream) but today? Ha! Today is the day of the yarn. I'm off to dye my hands (and hopefully some yarn) about 900 colours and finish up getting ready for the parpy.

Apparently even though I'm a little hazy on the concept of time, the calendar isn't and I'm expected to leave in about ten days.

Any bets on the chances of me sitting on the Amtrak with bags of damp yarn surrounding me?

Yeah, that whole time thing, huh. I seem to have lost about two years to perimenopause, but I'd just as soon ditch this one with the hot flashes, geesh.
Your dinghy (which is not to say you're dingy of course) photo is awesome. I think it would make excellent notecards. In your ample spare time (HAHA) perhaps you could make up little packets of notecards with your photos to sell at the parpy too. I'd bet yarny notecards (or tiny 2x2" gift cards) would sell like hotcakes (or yarncakes or whatever).
Claire and I have been thinking of you and E lots. Glad to hear you're regaining some balance. Warmest hugs to you
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