Thursday, February 03, 2011


I Can Go To the Parpy!

I can! I can!

(for those who aren't familiar with the reference, it's from the brilliant blog Hyperbole and a Half, and apparently she can go to the parpy. If, however, you are familiar with the reference, what the hell are you doing here reading this twaddle when you could be over there, reading a real blog that actually has posts and stuff?)

(Also do you think I like parentheses too much?)

(No? Me either.)

Anyhow ... about the parpy.

I've been uncertain whether or not I'd be able to do much in the way of fibre fests this year.

I mean clearly I've been struggling with all sorts of issues over the past few years and even though I keep claiming that I'm "all better now", I think it's obvious to those with even half a clue (and I know several of you have at least that much) that I'm not all better now. I am, however, far, far more well than I was, and maybe better than I was before everything went kabloo, but in a different way. (Just sort of like a duck is the same as a chicken but different, if you get my drift. Or even if you don't.)

Quite aside from the mental illness (I believe that the final official diagnosis was that along with all of the hormonal nonsense that accompanies menopause, I had gone "completely batshit crazy". I do hate to confuse you with medical terms but I felt that in this case it was unavoidable) there have been several financial disasters -- not of my making and quite beyond my control -- and the whole getting another breast badger, having surgery, being invaded by rats and then getting evicted from the rathouse (which would, at first, seem like a good thing until you realize that it involves actually MOVING all of the crap in the house) just piled up one on top of the other untill it was all just Quite. Enough. Already. Thank you.

As anyone who's gone to a fest of any sort as a vendor knows, the initial outlay (and the insane amount of work) involved can be quite daunting, even for the sane and the solvent.

(I would like to note at this point that I don't know any fibre artists who are either sane or solvent, but there must be some, somewhere.)

So I'd sort of thought I might spend this year licking my wounds, sitting under the sink and drinking bleach and occasionally emerging from the cupboard to make some sort of silly post telling you that I was still here and if you'd only be good and wait another year or so that I'd come back.

And then I thought "fuck that". (apparently even my thoughts are pottymouthed)

So ... no bleach. No cupboard. No licking of wounds. Instead ... well ... I'm going to the parpy.

About ten or eleven days from now (I'm trying to persuade myself that that's almost as much time as "two weeks" but so far I'm not doing so well with that) I'll be getting on the Amtrak and hauling my wobbly little Rabbitchbutt all the way down south to California, to vend once again at STITCHES West.

I'll be sharing a booth with the lovely and gracious (not to mention talented) Maia Discoe from Tactile Fiber Arts. We'll be in booths 1340 and 1342. Both of us have been up to much and there will be a few show-specific surprises.

If you're in the area, come see us.

Tomorrow: a peek at some of the crafty things I've been doing while I've been ignoring this blog

I totally got the parpy reference, but I've read (almost) all of her blog posts already, so I'm reading yours. :)

I'm sorry to hear about all your financial woes. Have fun at the parpy!
Taking the train this time, hey? Excellent!

Have fun hoar. Can't wait to hear the stories from this year...
good thing you stayed out of the cupboard. I'm not solvent (probably not sane either) and I'd have had to borrow the money to drive there and kick yer wee arse out from the cupboard. Don't make me come and put a lock on that cupboard door!
Have a blast at the parpy. Has Amtrack been warned???
My theory is that since you came back to the blog on Feb. 3rd, the truth is that the groundhog kicked yer arse out of the cupboard for harshing his mellow...and yeah, I'd join you in slamming the door on 2010's evil little face. That is a year no one should have to repeat. And, um, it IS the Year of the Rabbitch now, I'm told.
p.s. word verification was defur. Do they know you?
Verry glad you've kept the cap on the bleach bottle, Bunny-one. I think going to the parpy is exactly what the doctor ordered. Have a wonderful time, and come back soon.
(My verification word is "monses"...much too close to "menses" and "monsters" and other such sh*t, innit?)
oh, that under the sink/ in the cupboard drinking bleach thing is SO overrated, parpies are WAY more fun! they tend to help with the keeping sane thing too.
Wishing you a Much Better Year, full of crazy good sanity and loads of the solvency. xox
Getting evicted from a rat infested house? Sister, that's SOOOO last year! (No, really.. I did that LAST year...) I'm happy to see that you're still alive - sanity is highly overrated anyway.
Yay! Here you are! Perhaps you came out with the groundhog and are proof of spring's imminent arrival.
Give me a boot in the arse so I start work for shows. I'd freak, though, if I had one in 11 days.
(My word is "tracti," which I assume is the plural of tractor, despite the missing 'i'. A further sign of spring!
Good luck and glad to hear from you. I hope the show goes well, and if Amtrak for some reason strands you in Portland, you can always crash with me.
Good to see you back on the Webosphere! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Parpy on.
Hooray! Good for you. Some days, you've just got to go to the parpy, even if your mascara's down around your chin and the elastic in your panties sags. (or is that just me?) Sorry I'm going to miss you at Stitches, but if I'm at Sock Summit, I'm coming to bug you with words!


Woo hoo! (I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so I am going to party all year long.)
Yay! Stay out of the cupboard or, at the very least, if you must crawl in there, take some knitting with you, rather than bleach!
Hoping that this is a GREAT year for you!! I am sure you will do great and wonderful things and have a fantastic Rabbitchy time doing them. No bleach required.
I can't wait to see you (and Maia). What a parpy it will be!
PS - my word verification below is pomth -- short for pottymouth, perhaps?
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