Saturday, January 01, 2011


All Is Quiet, On New Year's Day

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. We're hunting Wabbitches.

We're what?

Hunting Wabbitches. You're not being very quiet.

And why, exactly, are we hunting "Wabbitches"?

Because she's been gone and we have to hunt her and make her come back.

Hang on, you said "Wabbitches", as in more than one ... isn't there just one Rabbitch?

Well, yes, but it's sort of this Elmer Fudd schtick and ... oh, shut up, just be vewwy vewwy quiet, k?

Fine. Fuck it, whatever, I'm being vewwy vewwy quiet. Are you happy now?

I'd be happier if you were quieter.

Great. Fine. I'll fucking whisper if you'd like.

That's not whispering.

You're being a total twat about this, aren't you?

Well, perhaps, but at least I know how to whisper.

Look, I'm not going to play this. You're completely demented. I'll help you hunt for Rabbitch if you want or even for some godforsaken rabbits, but I'm not going to whisper. Let's just get on with it.

Fine, be that way ...

Happy New Year!
Ha! I found The Wabbitch! And I wasn't even whispering! Welcome back! (Gotta go -- used up my January allowance of exclamation points.)
Weally? I've nevah known Wabbitch to be quiet, as a wule.
I suspect that the only time it's quiet at Chez Lapin is when you're all away.
*whispers* Happy New Year Wabbitch. May you not fall on yer ass or break yer feet and be healthy, *wealthy* and more wise ass than ever. Cheers!
No wonder we love you. barbinvic
I was just going to say...been a while since pings were exchanged.

Happy Hogmanay!
Shoot me! I'm a fiddler crab!

(No kidding, the verification word that just came up is manta, so shoot me! I'm a manta ray!)
hi there, rabbitch. glad to see you emerge from the rabbitch hole. was starting to think you wouldn't come out 'til groundhog day, and who knows WHAT would happen if you saw your shadow then!
Have you found her yet or did she take a left turn at Albuquerque?
thanks you very very much ..
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