Saturday, September 18, 2010


World Wide Spin in Public Day!

Did you? I did!

Well, um, no, I didn't, but I will at work tonight and I want points for that.

It's all mental, all the time Chez Lapin. We're moving in 13 days and apparently I have some wholesale orders to ship and bla bla bla.

Blogging will not resume with any semblance of regularity or sanity (like there was ever that here) for a couple of weeks.

While you're waiting, please meet my new boyfriend

He doesn't know he's my new boyfriend, of course, but that doesn't matter as my ten previous boyfriends and sixteen girlfriends have also never met me or been made aware of my existence in any manner. It's so becoming to have crushes when you're fifty years old. Shut up. It is.

And now, seeing I have to be up for work in less than six hours I shall skedaddle.

Go listen to Mr. Cale and spin some shit, k?

I know this via that Canadian boy...Rufus Wainwright.
I did with the Spinnerati crowd. We spun lots of fuzz, showed others how to spin fuzz, and entertained the farmer's market crowd.
Thanks for sending me on a happy and protracted spin in youtube, listening to different versions of Hallelujah. Favs so far, other than Wainwright: kd lang and Bon Jovi. Still listening and exploring, though, so there may be more!
... then I listened to the Kate Voegele version and found it powerful and moving. Then I found the unbelievable version by Jeff Buckley and I almost wept. (Even better than Cohen's own performance.) Wow. Thanks so much for this wonderful sidetrip.
(ducking) Cale's version is too affected for my taste. I love Rufus Wainwright's version, though. It's just a great song, and many, many people do a good version of it, with slight changes in the words.
Don't feel bad. The majority of my boyfriends aren't even real people.
I heard somewhere that this is one of the most covered songs in the world (not including Happy Birthday). My favourite has to be kd lang.

So glad I'm not the only 50-ish with crushes. My husband finds it oh-so-tiresome, but I can't help what the heart does. At least I'm not jetting off to Ireland to introduce myself to him.

Hey- good luck with the move.
Hmmm...he's O.K., but not quite enough GUT in it. I'm partial to kd lang and Leonard myself. But thanks for giving me this to start the day, bunny-rab.
Get away from my boyfriend!!!!!!!

P.S. Did you see k.d. lang sing this at the opening of the olympics? It took my breath away. I don't have girlfriends but I would totally go to second base with her.
Found you via Franklin Habit.

This is an amazing cover of that song--he ends, and you can see him thinking, I have hurt so many people I loved.

Oh, and Paris 1919--where has that song and that performance been all my life?
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