Saturday, July 31, 2010


Poke It With A Stick!

"Whoa, dude ... what's this?"


"This! This ... thing. It's just lying here on the ground."

"Oh, that thing? I'm not sure. It ... well, it sort of looks like a blog. You know, one of those things that all of the cool kids did before their lives got eaten up by Facebook."

"A blog? Are you sure?"

"No, not sure at all. Whatever it is, it looks like it's dead. We should just leave it."

"I don't know. I don't think it's quite dead yet. We should check."

"Well, how would we do that? Poke it with a stick?"

"Yes! That's the ticket! Poke it with a stick, indeed. Here, I'll go get one."

"Be careful! Those things can be nasty. I've heard that they can turn on you without warning."

"Oh, it looks too far gone to do anyone any sort of harm."


"There, see? It twitched! I think it's still trying to live!"

"I saw that, but it's sort of bedraggled. There's a good chance it has fleas. I still think we should just leave it."

"No. No, I don't think I can do that. Look, let's just wrap it up in this towel and take it home and love it (and maybe even call it George) and see if we can't get it healthy again!"

"Well, ok, but it's staying at your house. You never know what sort of mess it might make of the carpets."

"I don't care. I think we should give it a chance. Come on, let's go."


It's still alive, honest! So glad to see you found it again.
It's still alive, honest! So glad to see you found it again.
Hi there
I so enjoy your sense of humour, and creativity. I hope you are well, and just busy dyeing and knitting and caring for your family and stuff.
all the best
Lise in Ottawa
Oh, please, do call it George!
LOL! One of the best blog posts EVAH!'s ALIIIIIVE!!!!!

And bed-raggled or not, it's most welcome!

Aw, jeah--c'mon, let's GO!!!!! Yay!
I really love that you'll maybe even call it George :^)
hell, I'm a fail at blogging AND facebook. I always enjoy visiting here and seeing what you write on fb.
yep.. it's twitching and it might poke you back. poke poke.
Resuscitation is possible!
Still have that stick? I could use one.
You're still there! and I'm still waiting for the Portland Denney's story. poke, poke poke.
George is a lovely name!
Blog: I feel better...I think I'll go for a walk...
Yipe! Wow, did you see that?
Do you think it'll come back if we set out some food and wine and make soothing noises?
Soup! Soup is what it needs. With lots and lots of tiny noodles.
Jeezo Wheezy! You scared the bejesus outta us! You talk about lumps and doctors and stuff and then ya disappear! Hope you were just busy doing your thang and everything is okay. Glad
Facebook?! Really? I thought it was more that everyone had been Twitterplated, I know I've recently taken the plunge.

Glad your back & looking forward to whatever you attempt to poke us with!
Don't touch that! You don't know where it's been.
Gladda see ya back.

Hello blog :-) It's nice to see you. Did you have a nice nap? That's good.... Pardon... You're not quite awake yet?... That's can yawn and stretch and I'll bring you coffee.
"Ouch" don't poke so hard ... we've been so patient and now get poked??? I think I would rather be called George.
**scrabble scrabble** Unnnnnnnngggguuuhhhhhh . . . blaahg want bleeeeech....
I was just thinking that Facebook sucked the life out of blogs. There's you, and Abby hasn't posted since DECEMBER. n I started a blog shortly after joining Facebook. Every time anything does moderately awry in my life, I stop bogging for a month or more. Perhaps this will motivate me, as it really is a whole other thing.
Welcome back!!
Verification word: jackclux. Really? I thought Jackbrayed.
George is a wonderful name for foundlings, especially ones as good as this blog.
You should name it Clark. And say that you found it in the park. In the dark.
Oh, no! Surely not fleas? A good soak in a hot bath is what's needed here. With bubbles, candles and wine. Just ignore the guy outside with the pushcart yelling "bring out your dead!" because really, it's just resting.

He will live at our house
He will grow and grow
Will our mother like this?
We don't know!

Oh, wait, this isn't Facebook after all!

He will live at our house
He will grow and grow
Will our mother like this?
We don't know!

Oh, wait, this isn't Facebook after all!

ZOMG, the word verification is butstab! I kid you not!
"Poke it with a stick" has now become a new and permanent part of my vocabulary. I'm not sure how I feel about that...
Yes, just take it home and shoot 4000 volts through it, and it will get up and sing "Puttin' on the RIIIIIIIIIIIIIITZZZZZZZ..."
lol to knitting linguist and alwen, that was my favorite Dr. Seuss, and I named my pet chicken Clark after it when I was two...
Here you go, George. A wee sip of red wine, it's good for the heart. Some chicken soup... not to fast now, just sip. Here, nibble a home made noodle, eggs for protein, a little carbs for energy... not so fast! You'll make yourself sick!
Okay... feeling better? Good. Now talk!
OK, now we have determined it is still alive (believe me I check the pulse EVERY day!), could you feed it?????????????
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