Tuesday, June 01, 2010


He Had Me At "Benign"

And after that he could have had me any way he'd wanted but he's not like that.

Mah boobeis are healthy (if bruised and battered). Follow-up is in three months, but it looks like I'm going to be around to annoy y'all for a little while longer.

Endless thanks to everyone who was more supportive than the best brassiere in town.

I do believe this is the time when we dance, no?

Woo Hoo!

What fabulous news!

Chair dancing over here.

Now is definitely the time we dance! Congrats on the benign badger!!!
Sure, I'll dance!
Ja genau - jetzt tanzen wir - aber erst ein klein bissien must du schlaffen. Ich bin mir froh das alles ist fertig und ferbei.
Dance? Got a pole?
So relieved for you.
I like to think of myself as an expensive lacy underwire with a demicup. Supportive yet hawt.
(We all have our delusions.)
YES! We dance!

I'm so bad about commenting but read your blog as often as you post so I guess the point of posting now is to tell you that you probably had a lot more people rootin' for you than you realized! I'm very glad to hear everything went so well!!
Dance, dance, dance. Hooray for slightly battered but benign boobies!
Dance dance dance!

Fortunately I live alone, as "dance like no one is watching" is the only way I roll.
dancing for you!
Glad to hear this good news.
Dancing is happening here on the east coast in your honor. It's good to hear the b word!
How about a Futterwacken??
Very glad to hear the news.
That's great news! Is it okay if I drink instead of dance? I'm not much of a dancer.
How do you spell "whew"? "whoo"? "woowoo"? "uhiu"? "hallelujah"?
Glad to hear it.

Pathetic yet enthusiastic happy dancing happening down here....
I'll drink to that!
I flex my pects in your general direction. ooooo yyyaaaah happy dance.
Awesome news! Off to go toast you now.
Honestly my friend, now I can sleep. I came home and saw this and, if I could DO a happy dance, I would. Next time I go out in my scooter, I'll do some circles and whoop and shout!
So happy for you and your ta-ta's. Doing Snoopy's little dance of joy, with my ears up and everything.
Woohoo! Congratulations!
Happy Dance for you! I am so happy this had a good outcome. And a "body by Technicolor" isn't too bad a price to pay.
Yay, excellent news!

I had an odd dream the other night; I was going to go on a trip but first the doctor found out I need an operation on my throat. And you were the doctor/nurse/anesthesiologist and I was in a hospital bed waiting for you to do the operation and you were telling me it'd all be ok.

Dancing that happy Snoopy dance ALLL over the blog for you.
Yay for benign!
Benign is a bad word when it describes many thing, but not when it is a breast hedgehog. Yay!
"I'm going to be around to annoy y'all for a little while longer"

I'm so happy that I have found you as a friend. What a great friend you are. Such a great news that you will "annoy" all of us longer. Best regards from Finland
For this news, baby, I'll even do the Macarena! Yippee!!
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