Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Rearing Its Head (Ugly)

The Stitches saga will continue, as promised (as will the tale of how I got deflowered at Denny's during Sock Summit) but this is just a quick update.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning and yeah, my tumour is back. I'm waiting for a date with the surgeon and in the meantime have to do a few test thingies (mammo, ultrasound, nothing scary).

Think good thoughts. It'll be sorted soon, I promise.

I also promise that after I sleep there will be another Stitches tale.

But until then ... the good thoughts, please.

Healing thoughts are on the way!
Send all the good thoughts that I can muster in your direction!
Sending love and good thoughts in your direction. XOXO
UGH!! I'm sending good vibes your way. Hope all goes well.
Good thoughts coming your way, loads of them, think 'continuous stream' of good thoughts. right to you.
I'm crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts for you.
Stupid badger. You have so many good thoughts coming, you should be all a-tingle. If it weren't for the stupid badger.
Good thoughts for sure! Hope all turns out well.
All the good thoughts you can take!

Good thoughts. Healing ones, too.

Absolutely. Positive good thoughts winging your way from Arlington, VA.
Thinking of you and wishing you well - completely well.
Lots of good, fun, hopeful thoughts.

Sending lots and lots of good thoughts. Thanks for posting the update.
Good, good thoughts headed your way.
Many good thoughts being sent.
Good thoughts by the bazillions. Hang in there!!
bye bye badger... {{{{hugs}}}}
Bushels, bunches, scads and buttloads of positive and healing thoughts your way.

tons of good wishes and one large badger-killing trap heading your way. even benign badgers shouldn't live with/in a rabbitch!
sending an army of good thoughts marching to you!
Argh! Healing energy and positive thoughts are flying your way! Breast badger, begone!!
Delurking to send healing thoughts and prayers your way.

After all, Rabbitches may not be on the endangered species list, but they ain't that common, either. What was that Vulcan philosophy -- "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations"?

On the other hand, boob badgers rank with fleas, mosquitos, Denebian Slime Devils, athlete's foot, and other such undesirables that OUGHT to be on an endangered species list!

Best wishes and all my support through whatever it takes to beat that boob badger into extinction!
Hope you are feeling better soon, and your boobs are back to their normal boob-tacular selves.

Not related to this in any way, though I suppose boobs do have something to do with it, on a longish hook, do you still collect for, or do you have the link to, that organization that supports female sex workers? I remember at one point you were asking people to send washcloths.

Good thoughts to you.

(back to lurking)
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