Friday, May 21, 2010


It's Gone!

The tumour is gone, and I'm home.

Sore, a little woozy, but comfortable. Mr. Assmuppet is making dinner and I think it might be naptime.

I'll post more when I'm a little steadier on my feet. Thank you so much to everyone for the good wishes.

Glad you're ok and the badger eviction (badger badger badger MUSHROOM!!!) went as planned.
good to hear! get well soon!
All the best for a speedy recovery and no more badger invasions.Alida South Africa
Very happy to learn of the successful eviction! Continued healing thoughts coming your way

Word verification "mamsycho"--how could I resist sharing that one?

Hooray! I'm glad to hear that the badger has been successfully booted. Keep up with the napping -- naps make healing go faster :)
Great! Nap often and be well.
best wishes, sleep well! Let's hope there's no more pesky badger!
no more pesky badger, hurrah! Sleep well!
love (eleventy!)
I'm glad to hear it - here's to a speedy recovery!
echoing all previous comments--good health to you, my dear!
Good to hear your okay.
Naps make badgers run far, far away! Heal well and fast. But not too fast, after all, the more meals and pampering you can get, the better.
Mwah! Speedy recovery dear bunnieh
Hooray! And this time stay gone bastardy badger!!!
sending much healing energy, love and good wishes to you... and hoping to see you in Olds at the end of June so I can give you a for real hug!
Hope you heal quickly and that the drugs are good. Glad to hear you are home.
Remember to rest! Women tend to get up and "do for people". Let people do for you. Healing thoughts for you.
*raises a glass* Here's to your speedy recovery!
no more badgers for you.
Glad to hear that you made it through the eviction... hope you feel better soon!
Yeah for badger free bodies! Good vibes from Atlanta, GA for a speedy recovery of the body, soul, and attitude! Feel better and enjiy the good drugs - Vicki
Hooray for successful badger banishment! I hope your recovery is smooth and speedy and that they gave you plenty of the good drugs!
Sad that the tumor came back, but damn glad the surgeon got it out again! I hope all continues on good path lollipop.
cheers to you! hope you have a speedy recovery. xo
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