Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Brief Badger Blogging

Well hi there, uncola lovers ... I'll bet you think I'm just sitting here, cooling my tootsies!

(opening lines of a commercial for 7-up, about 30 years ago. Forgive me -- I'm old and I'm rambling).

This is just a quick update, as I'm stealthblogging from work (don't start calling management on me; nobody cares.)

I saw the surgeon this morning at 11:30. Same dude who sliced and diced me before. He's trying to schedule the surgery for this upcoming Friday (21st). I'm hoping!

Further updates as they happen. Plus more about Stitches once I get home :)

Stitches (capital) and stitches (lower case), I guess!
Thinkin' good healing thoughts and sending them your way!
HA! I saw the same thing. "stitches"
Keeping you in my thoughts (the good ones. in between the crazy ones.) xo
Holding good thoughts for you!
Good luck with ridding yourself of the newest BENIGN bastard badger. Do you get to choose your thread color for the stitches? That used to be my holy terror of a little brother's favorite part of his (numerous- my poor Mom) ER visits for his various sets of stitches. (A bit of irony- one memorable visit was because a wild rabbit he'd somehow managed to catch bit him hard enough to open a 3in gash on his shin. Luckily we had no badgers in our neighborhood.)
You're in my thoughts
Sending positive thoughts your way. What a crappy way to celebrate Victoria's birthday.
i'm impressed by the speed of scheduling. a friend whose badger was known to be non-benign and fast-growing had to wait 2 or 3 weeks for surgery at least once. and yes, he had insurance -- the doc was just that busy.

here's hoping friday's badger-trap is the newest and bestest model!

and maybe you'll get relief from today's verification word, berotin. (sounds like a painkiller to me!)
Do it and get it over with. You might be surprised. My daughter has a huge incision from a tumor removal last year and they glued it together. Thinner scar, easier healing.

I'm sending good thoughts for your speedy surgery/recovery.
Sending good thoughts and healing your way.
I'll be thinking of you and sending quick-healing thoughts! Thanks for posting the updates, too :)
Good luck and good healing! Word verification was braproc, seems like I should be able to make some sort of odd comment on that or maybe I'll just leave that up to you.
Holding you in my thoughts and know that all will be well..hang in there, literally of course!
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