Monday, May 10, 2010


Badger, Redux

For anyone who's been reading along for a while, you'll recall the breast badger I had taken out four years ago.

For the new readers, I had a Phyllodes tumour in my left breast. Surgically removed, and it was benign. It was still, however, considered to be cancer (oh hell, I said the C word) as it was a sarcoma and bla bla bla medical stuff and so on. (I'm not so big on technical terms, as you may have noticed).

Anyhow ... the chances of it coming back were fairly small. Apparently "fairly small" chances are still chances. I'm trying to deny the fact that it's back, however I have a golf-ball sized lump in my left breast again in exactly the same spot. I was trying to pretend that it was scar tissue, but scar tissue doesn't double in size within two weeks, does it? And it doesn't suddenly show up four years after surgery.

I go to the doctor on Tuesday and I expect, unless she has another explanation for this, that I'll be seeing the surgeon within a couple of weeks.

I'm a little scared but not totally freaked out. I'm a lot disappointed. They did say, however, that if it came back, the chances were that it would be benign again. Let's hold that good thought in our heads, shall we?

I'll continue with the Stitches saga shortly ... just sort of needed to put this out there.

And now, I'm going to bed. I have yarn to take over the border and mail out in the morning. Stay tuned for new yarn appearing in a store near you (I have agreed to wholesale to a store in the Eastern US. Details to follow once we've worked it all out.)

I may be down right now, but dude, I'm nowhere near out.

sending lots of love your way, pet.
Sending loving healing energy and thoughts to you. Please keep us posted.
Hugs, love, and badger-beating vibes have been sent in your direction.
Sending good vibes in your direction that all will be well shortly. I'm still waiting to know the rest of the Stitches saga! (I mean, I know you got there - I saw you - but, what happened next...?)
It will be benign - there's no other option!
Benignbenignbenign. Absolutely. Keep on hanging in.
Oh dear. I was hoping for more Stitches stuff or at least a humourous put-off. Sorry to hear the news & best of luck in the next few weeks as you sort through this. Hope the original doctors were right.
Yeh, me too. It's gonna be ok.
Ugh, I'm sorry about the badger. Good luck and thoughts that everything goes well and smoothly.
thinking of you and sending special thoughts and prayers, Hester from Atlanta
definitely holding that good thought in my head for you!
hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs.
Good thoughts for you and {{{hugs}}}. Tell that boob to behave, will ya?
I'm sending lots of good thoughts! Keep us posted...
Sending good thoughts your way!
Lotsa Love to you my friend. Sucks doesn't it? I have a tumor somewhere in my body and it too is supposedly benign. In my case we just have to find the little sucker (we know it's there by what it's doing.) As far as i know "benign" does NOT yet equal "Fun".
Avast badgers! Loving thoughts for rabbitch!

And still awaiting the details of the Portland Denny's disvirginacationizing.

I think you should you use this excuse to go out and by yourself the hottest, reddest, sexiest bra you can find. And wear it every day to show that damn badger who the boss is.

Will wear my sexiest bra on Tuesday to send you positive breastergy.
Tell yer boob not to be a dick. And feel better soon. You, that is, not the boob. Although it should definitley feel less lumpy. Sigh.

Sending you good thoughts girl. One to remember, doubling in size in 2 weeks is something that cancer rarely does. SO that's one for the benign corner. (((hugs)))
Sending best energy your way. I check back here often but never have posted. I like your perspective and get up and go! Sending benign loveness your way.
Have to agree with Joy; benign may be a hundred-bazillion times better than "otherwise," but it still WAY does not equal "fun."

Sorry to hear you're having to go a second round with the badger.

Oooooo, can't wait to hear the new yarn details...
BENIGN, baby. xoxoxoxoxoxox
Sorry to hear you've got to do this a second time - sending loads of healing thoughts your way.
Bastard badger... Thoughts your way from across the continent in North Florida. Be better soon!
Sending good thoughts your way.
Sending best wishes for beating the BENIGN bastard breast badger.
I don't have anything clever to say, just that I am sending good vibes your way, and thinking "benign" really hard. Let's be honest, though, benign or otherwise, that's some scary sh*t. Stupid badger.
Hugs, barbinvic
Damn badgers.
Holding good thoughts in our heads (I'll throw in the heart while I'm at it)--WE SHALL. *hugs* ~bonnie
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