Friday, May 21, 2010


Badger Eviction

Just a quick note ... surgery is scheduled for 2:45 this afternoon. I'll post a drug-addled update when I return.

Keep a good thought, darlings.

All the good thoughts ever...coming your way.
I've never de-lurked to leave a comment before but know that I am keeping you in my thoughts all day today. Hugs from Oregon. - Dana
You'll be fine, dear heart. Holding good thoughts for you!
Good thoughts headed your way.
I'll be thinking good thoughts for you this afternoon.
Sending positive thoughts for a quick recovery.
Keeping lots of good thoughts just for you. It's going to go well, and you're going to heal beautifully. I know it.
keeping several good thoughts xoxoxox
Hugs hugs hugs
Sending good thoughts that it all goes well. :)
I have no idea what time that will be here in Scotland, but I shall think good anti-badger thoughts for you anyway x
Thinking about you, sweetie.

Good luck and happy healing vibes. Badger eviction!
Just lit the candle in my living room for you. Hope all goes well and that you enjoy your post op drug-addled state.
Keeping fingers crossed for you, and looking forward to drugged-out ramblings! Bye-bye badger.
I'd sacrifice a virgin, but you know how scarce those are, so I'll be thinking good vibes at you on highest wattage.

I've turned up the wattage to full power for beaming good vibes your way.

Probably way too soon to be home, but you are in my thoughts, good ones that is.
Good thoughts to you. Can't wait till you are all well.
Gonna keep the good thoughts coming for ya.
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