Friday, April 02, 2010


Welcome To The Hotel California

So I drove and drove and drove. I drove until I thought my ass would fall off. I was so incredibly grateful for this car that my parents had given me (I mean, dude, who just gives you a car?) but I was close to toast.

And I kept looking for signs to Santa Clara, because after all "It's big, there will be signs."

And I saw no signs.

But I kept heading for San Francisco, because dude, that is my dream city. I knew if I could get there it would be OK.

All of a sudden there was this bridge, and I realized it was the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was tired beyond tired and everything hurt. My shoulders were on fire, because the steering wheel on that car is a little too high for me.

But when I saw where the road led, when I saw that I was actually about to drive right over the freaking Golden Gate Bridge, although I was alone in the car, I laughed out loud with delight.

It was one of the highlights of my life.

tomorrow ... The Incident in San Jose

I was amazed the first time I saw the GGB to discover that it is freakin' ORANGE! Who knew? Well, no one in the Midwest who told me, any way.

btw, I bought a skein of your bruise-colored yarn yesterday -- how could I resist the backstory?!
Driving over the Golden Gate is one of the very good things in life. I still get a thrill out of it, and I've done it tons of times. I'm glad you got to do that!!
And I kept looking for signs to Santa Clara, because after all "It's big, there will be signs."

Oh ho! More foreshadowing! Santa Clara is really not that big.
Amazing how many bridges there are around here. When I moved back, had trouble getting over to Marin. The bridges didn't seem to be in the right order.

(My favorite bit of odd freeway? The bit through Berkeley - East 80 and West 580 going the same way! Which is north, as far as I'm concerned)
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