Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Preparation Is Everything!

Clearly, therefore, I have nothing.

A week or two before Stitches I had the usual pre-show meltdown. I emailed both Jen Van Calcar and The Tsock Tsarina in a state of mild hysteria, only to be kindly (kind of) reminded that a) I do this before every show, b) I'm a bit of a twat and c) my yarn sucks and I won't sell anything so I should shut up, stop whining and have a beer. (OK, they didn't say the part about the yarn sucking. Beer may have been mentioned.)

I took their words to heart and relaxed, content in the knowledge that I had tons of yarn, I had always had tons of yarn and everything would be perfect.

The night before I left to drive to Stitches I realized that I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH YARN AND NEVER WOULD HAVE ENOUGH YARN AND WHAT WAS I THINKING AND I HAD TO DYE MORE YARN!!1! (before you ask, yes, I had run out of beer by that point).

Anyhow, so I stayed up all night and dyed yarn, partially dried it, packed it up along with the stuff that was already dry (separate bags, goofy), BOUNCED on the trunk of the car to get it shut 'cause it was so full, and headed out to Seattle. Without having had any sleep. None. At all.

Yet again I headed out to a 'fest with damp yarn in my car. Apparently I'm a rabbit of habit.

I arrived in Seattle way, way after I had planned (as usual) and after a little bumbling about and driving in circles I showed up at Tracy's house, ready to load her stock into the car. By this time I'd popped the back seat down and so there was lots of room for everything. That little car holds a hell of a lot.

That little car does not, alas, like being left parked outside for a couple of hours with the headlights left on.

My departure from Seattle was delayed slightly by the need to find jumper cables and get the car going again ...

to be continued ...

oh noez! holding breath...fearing for your yarnz...
Cars are so fussy about that whole lights thing! Whoops.
Oh that stinks. I've got to tell you--years ago my sister gave me one of those car kits with cables, fix-a-flat (which sucks), etc.--in it and I looked at her like she had 10 heads. I mean what the hell kind of Christmas present is that? Turns out, it's the best gift I ever got.
After leaving the lights on in my current car two times and getting stuck on campus last week, I finally put a permanent label on the steering wheel


It might works.
I see you've begun a saga. Perhaps you're trying to motivate me to prepare for Cummington BEFORE May 15th, since it's Memorial Day weekend. But... will I listen to you? Probably not. I'm bad that way. I think we would be friends if we lived closer. Or perhaps just exponentially more neurotic.
I'm all a twitter just waiting for the next chapter!

I finally had to break down and shove jumper cables in my car. Stupid lights.
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