Thursday, April 29, 2010


How To Knit a Love Song: A Review

Before I continue my saga about Stitches, I owe Rachael a book review. I told her I'd do it. She likely doesn't remember me saying so, but I keep my promises to my friends, and so here it is.

Now, before I get started you need to know that I love Rachael more than I love cheese. If she had written "I hate green beans" on a piece of toilet paper, slapped it between two pieces of cardboard, stapled it and handed it to me saying "o hai, i has a book!" I would have reviewed it, and favourably at that. I am in no way an impartial observer.

That being said, this is not a piece of toilet paper slapped in between two pieces of cardboard. It is a real book, published by Harper Collins.

And it's pretty damned good.

I was nervous about reading it. I'm not so much about the romance, and straight romance at that. I thought "Oh fuck, what if I hate it? How do I tell her? No, no, how do I tell her I love it and fool her into thinking I don't hate it?"

I really didn't want to read it. I knew I would hate it, and I hate lying to my friends.

When we met up at Stitches, she gave me a copy (before it was released, which makes ME more special than you, so nanny-nanny boo-boo) and she signed it for me, which makes me even specialer.

Yes, that's a word. Shut up.

When I got back to Canada (after getting lost many times) I sat down and read it. And read it and read it and read it. I think I read it in two sittings.

Now, it's not Sartre and it isn't Camus either, but that's ok, because really my French is limited to ordering beer and asking where the bathroom is. Either of those dudes wouldn't have done it for me. Well, you know, unless they'd ordered me un biere and told me where la toilette was located.

It is, however, a sweet and funny story, with enough sexybits to get your attention.

I really really liked it. I liked that there was spinning, I liked that there were horses and dogs, I loved imagining living in that house.

I admit it -- I even liked the sexybits.

The characters were believable. The situations were funny. And there was spinning and horses and dogs.

And, you know, the sex.

I don't know how to write an actual book review; you may have noticed. This is more just an endorsement. It's good.

And now, I've been working a hell of a lot of graveyards of late, explaining my absence. I'm going to bed. While I'm sleeping, go buy her book and read it and stuff, k?

I'll expect a report shortly.

While I didn't get a copy given to me (either at SS or any other way), I sent my copy to R and not only got it signed, but signed with a lovely message penned along with the signature. So nanny-nanny-boo-boo to you, too.

Talk to you Saturday, dollface. :)
Alas, after doing knitting stuff all day, I cannot read knitting-themed books for entertainment. I prefer murder mysteries. Probably because I secretly want to KILL PEOPLE. But Rachael sounds really cool and I think it's awesome that she wrote a book and got it published w Harper effing Collins!!!
I met her at Stitches South. She's very sweet lady and sexy too. I told her to tell you she met me. In all my frenzied glory.

I have plans to read that book this weekend. Cuz, it's gonna be raining and I'm needing to do some reading!

Oh yes!! I bought this book on a whim and I am glad to hear that it was good.
Me, too! I don't read romances - but I read this one because I have read Rachael's blog forever. And I really enjoyed it. Glad you did, too!
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